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I added smooth camera between rooms. But what bothers me is that in original game Eden doesn't have closet. Hmm..

I set up first pixelart material with normalmap, heightmap and metallic, it's a good start. I also made logic to picking up items, for now they  only disappear on click.

Hi, i'm Seba and this is my attempt to recreate an old game called DreamWeb. What i have is first location and movement mechanics. In this jam i want to glue it and make it playable (walk outside flat). I don't remember jam i started working on this project, it was long time ago :( Unity/PlayMaker + Blender + Krita. 

Great work so far :) If you need any help with graphics i can help.

Theme: '90

Hi, this is my devlog for LowRezJam 2018. Basically thea idea is to demake old PSX game - Nightmare Creatures 2, but not 1:1, we'll see what will happen in 2 weeks.

Great, thanks :)

Thank you very much, it was so much fun making this game but hearing that someone really like Corner Gun is the BEST, unbeatable feeling :)

We agree with Zambini too :) We didn't want to fix this before rating time ends (we want to be fair with other lowrezjam devs) but this is the first thing we will patch.

Thanks, glad to hear this from creator of Burnt :)

Thank you :) Your bricks uses far less colors, and that's the beauty of making such a fun, little games i think. And i think your bricks are more 'true retro' than mine.

Going through tutorial over and over again is the scarest thing in whole game ;) Enemies could be slower in ex. easy mode, but if you realize you have to wait to see if some monster is in front of you - it's a little easier. Patience is the key :)

Thanks for playing :) There's so many mechanics we wanted do add,  moving platforms, lights etc, maybe when jam is over we will focus on those small stealth things to make game easier but more tactical.

Thanks for playing, and yes - you are right, tutorial after every respawn is annoying and we didn't realize how many times players will die (we knew how to beat level). Lesson learned. Game is hard but satisfying at the end, so you might give a try one more time? :)

Great job, really cool game :)

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Hi, you know, it was great watching your playthrough. Thanks for playing, and sorry for tutorial every restart - lack of time to polish everything ;)

PS. Hope you don't mind we put link to your video in the description.

Main menu

Actually - no, i'm sorry :)  The main character wears VR headset to get into mind of a psychopath so i think it's some kind of VR game.

It will be also a GOTY release, since final build will have all available (zero) addons  ;) 

This looks crazy good, i can't wait to play this game :)

Hi, we forgot to run devlog so here it is. First screen of a VR platformer - probably one and only VR game on this jam.

Another good pixel font  (not mine):

Thanks for answer. It's not a project, i didn't write a single line of code. It's a small set of tile graphics and player animation - i'll mention about it on the project page.

Hi, i have media from previous jam, unfortunately i didn't participate. Can i use them in this year jam?

Hi, i can't participate in this jam alone, but have graphics for nazi clone of minesweeper game, so if anyone's interested let me know :)


Great! Thanks for replay :)

Hi, I had once an idea to transfer Nazi hunting to minesweeper frames. So I designed visualization with necessary assets. Will it be fair to use them in this jam? Thanks :)

Ok, thank you for claryfying :)

Can I dust-off an old game that is not made by me? I mean some big famous title, and make a kind of remake.

I had a very similar idea for this jam, unfortunately didn't participate. Quarantine is one of my games on top of the list "The Best Game Ever'. It was a first open world - when there was no such term. I even started to do some assets for some kind of spiritual successor - only 3D, in a PSX style (low resolution, low poly). Maybe for next Cyberpunk Jam 3.0. Good job :)