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query about "Recently Added" sorting, maybe @leafo can help

A topic by Aetheric Games created Aug 04, 2017 Views: 359 Replies: 5
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Hi there!

So, I added my game Bonbon (2 months ago), and released it today (2 hours ago).

I know the sort is called "Recently Added", but I thought that a newly released game would show high on the list. Bonbon is already about 10 screens down. Maybe the sorting should allow for games that have recently released or changed.

Is there any way I can get Bonbon some time near the top of the list? (Heck, the front page would be nice too!)




Here's how it works now: when the game exits Draft status then a "Published date" gets set on it. You can view the published date by clicking "More information" on the game's page. This is the date used for sorting on recently added. Using restricted mode will set the published date, which I would say is a bug. Secondly, if you have  placeholder page without files then your publish date is set ahead of when the game is available.

I need to change the rules on how published is set, in the meantime I reset it for your page. (I featured your game too :))

That's awesome. Many thanks!

I can see how it could be a tricky topic, you don't want people to game the system to stay recent. Good luck with finding a solution!

Good, I've been curious about how the date is set (I have a bunch of backburner projects that's been drafts for ages) and this answers my questions about it. I agree that projects' publish date being set when they're restricted-access might not be the best rule, since this will just hurt projects that are legitimately trying to polish and test their stuff properly... it's better to base it on when the project first goes public.

Maybe having a page where you can browse "recent devlogs" could fill the purpose of having a 'recently changed' category for games while being slightly harder to game as a system? (since it's hopefully relatively easy for people to see when someone posts shallow devlogs with no real value, especially if they do it constantly, while you lose that nuance if you'd sort games based on when a file or page was last changed... it's a much more incremental thing that's harder to judge). Just my 2 cents.

What about games in early access?? I mean, about very-very early ones, when a game is released after a half of a year after development. I would like to make a game page with a really small demo, but big ambitions, in order to gather a community. And I'm worried: will it be shown in latest games section when it will be actually? Will it be featured on's home page? What about sales highlight?


My 2 cents: we have a Release date in Game Project -> Metadata -> Release Info. This can be forced to be filled by project creator, disallowing the creator to change Release date after it comes.

I just experienced this. not too badly since it's less than a day off, but not funny.

"Using restricted mode will set the published date, which I would say is a bug."

better stay away from restricted mode until this is fixed.