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Portrait Pack Editor Redux

A topic by IsaacG created Mar 15, 2021 Views: 3,896 Replies: 6
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Rewrote the companion tool for Kyler2's Improved Random Portraits mod. (including features added by Zepeteus)

Download -

Meant to help assist with renaming files in a portrait pack to follow the tags. Assists with viewing and setting tags for a portrait collection by renaming the portrait and body files in sync

What's New?

Custom filters.  Want to list only portraits of Demons with Red hair?  Or all Adults, no Males, without Breast Tags?  Click the Filter button a few times and go nuts.


Minor refactoring

Added caching to speed up filter usage

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Old Changelog


Fixed error that prevents portraits from being loaded at first launch


Minor bugfix (BoobSort still not fully functional)


Initial beta release of BoobSort

Added last of 1.2 PPE features

Keyboard support within BoobSort, so you don't have to use the mouse

A and D

4 and 6

Left and Right Arrow Keys


Added support for Penis Size

Fixed error that occurs when clicking multiple label buttons

Fixed redundant label button clicking

Now able to control partial selecting individual tags

Now able to quickly filter on missing tags


Added support for Custom MetaData (anything in the filename that is neither whitespace nor matching any other tag)

Added support to force apply new formatting and force apply new CRC

Made "White Space" a variable found in settings.json

Added Tribal Elf in default settings


Fixed typo in Filter window

Removed unused code

Seems it's missing penis sizes as well as the search function (which I think was useful). The 'is missing tag' filtering could also be nice.

My word, there's a "penis size" tag now?  That can be added in the settings.json file.

There is a workaround for "is missing" tag.  Since multiple filters can be run at once, selecting all tags under the "has none" filter can do it.

"Is Missing Portrait" etc. should be added in 1.8 or 1.9, along with the search function and an explicit "is missing" tag

Thanks for the feedback



Both have been added

Could you please explain me how to install this pack? I'm really stupid when it comes to this stuff

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There is nothing to install here, it is simply extracted and run using PortraitPackEditor.jar. This is a java program for creating portrait packs, not a mod nor a portrait pack.