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Strive for Power

Fantasy Slave Management/RPG Erotic Game · By Strive4Power

Randomportraits and portrait pack editor for the 1.0 version

A topic by Zepeteus created Sep 24, 2020 Views: 13,863 Replies: 11
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I haven't had time to thoroughly test these, but they should work and a quick test didn't reveal any problems. In addition to dealing with the change to Dark Elves/Drows/Tribal Elves I've made the randomportraits mod a bit more lenient with some capitalization which caused it to miss haircolors if used with the 1.2 editor. I've also added penis size as a variable to both the editor and randomizer. Plus some other minor tweaks. Remember to set your preferred weights in the randomportraits settings file if the randomization doesn't suit you.

These are both based on Kyler2's work and I just tinkered with them a bit, so all glory to him. I'll try to check this thread if there are some problems with my additions.


Oh, and if you still have your portrait/body directories with the old Elves, just rename the directories from DarkElf->TribalElf and Drow->DarkElf. You can do it with the editor, but it doesn't recognize Drow anymore (which you could change in the settings) and it's just much faster to rename the directories.

Thank you!

I can't seem to get the mod to work, clicking on the randomize button doesn't do anything, does the mod works with version 1.0a? I'm a total newbie on this :( hope someone can help show me how it's supposed o be done please 

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I've just a look and you need to download this file, unzip to get the portrait editor (not needed) and Rename away the old version of randomportraits in your mod directory, if you have it. Unzip into the mod directory to create Strive/mods/randomportraits. Start Strive, select mods from the menu,  then select randomportraits and Apply. Exit Strive, restart, and randomportraits should be creating images for new slaves and captures automatically.

Note - This does not include portrait packs. Look for those elsewhere on the forum.

Hair wasn't working for me. I am just using some portrait packs that claimed they worked with the randomportrait mod. 

I updated my file with this:

hairColors = []
# TODO: Build this list of possible hair colors dynamically?
# Note: This list doubles as fur color for beastkin/halfkin as they have no hair color set.
for color in ['Auburn', 'Black', 'Black_Gray', 'Black_White', 'Blond', 'Blue', 'Brown', 'Gray', 'Green', 'Jelly', 'Orange', 'Orange_White', 'Purple', 'Red', 'White']:
    filterRegex.compile(color.replace(' ','') + "(?!skin)")

Seemed to fix the issue. 

Thanks guys!

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Yeah. My version of the portraitpackeditor saves the portraits with lowercase hair colors, so that's how the mod is configured, but if one has portraitpacks with capitalized hair colors that'll fix it. It should check the lowercase versions too, but apparently that doesn't work.

I might be asking for more than I think, but is it possible for me to edit the configs so as to add more constraints and/or weights into the mod. I am curious about adding traits from the game like 'scarred' or 'ugly'. 

Otherwise, if I want the mod to include hair colour in the Race+Gender+Age abort/loosen behavior, how can I do that?

Yes, you could edit the configs, but unless you changed the code of the mod to use those new values it wouldn't change anything. The mod is not dynamic beyond its stated parameters.

Adding more scored traits or changing the mechanics of existing ones is not particularly hard, but it would likely require a small amount of programming knowledge.

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Adding scarred or ugly will also need you to edit your portrait/bodies file names to match.

The file mods/randomportraits/ has the weightings if you want to change your weightings for personal use.

This is a one line amendment I made to my to skip gender if gender returns zero matches. (The indentation is important.) I expect the same can be done for race.

    # Filter on Gender
    filteringPortraits = []
    for p in validPortraits:
        if p.genders.has(
            filteringPortraits.append(p) #Add portrait that has required sex
    if portraitSettings.debug: print('Filtered on gender %s, resulted in %d portraits.' % [, filteringPortraits.size()])
    if !filteringPortraits.empty(): #Leo gender skip if zero entries
        if (filteringPortraits.size() < portraitSettings.minMatch):
        validPortraits = filteringPortraits

(Technical note - I seem to remember that this file needed space characters rather than tabs to indent the text. The compiler uses the white space characters to determine which statements belong to the if statements. Experiment a little with the if you have problems.)

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I think it would be an improvement to randomportraits for the randomizer to skip the existing portait file, so that it always generates a new image for an existing character. Perhaps that could be put into the next version. I think this line of code will do it.

    # Filter on Race
    var filteringPortraits = []
    for p in validPortraits:
        if p.file == person.imageportait: continue #Leo always find a different portrait
        if p.races.has(person.race):

can't seem to get the mod to work :( i followed the wiki instructions and the mod is definitely installed, but when i click it no portrait comes up. help?

If you can select a slave, go to Customization, and find a button for "Random Portrait", then the mod is successfully applied. The most likely problem for applying this mod is that thanks to recent improvements the game can recognize the location of the mod better than the mod can adapt to changes in location. So it is important that the path to the info file be exactly ".../Strive/mods/randomportraits/info.txt", any differences can cause the mod to fail (unless you have assigned a new folder for mods, in which case replace the first 2 levels with that).

Note, his mod does not come with any images, so you need to download a compatible image pack. Most image packs are compatible with the mod, though they tend to be for the pre-1.0 races (before Dark Elves became Tribal Elves, and Drow became Dark Elves). It is usually fairly straight-forward to rename the race folders to switch to the 1.0 races.