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Valtur Naa

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Stat growth does work correctly, and you can see in the jobs menu which stat is measured for job efficiency ... this is also the one that grows over time. I have noticed however that some jobs seem to grow slower than others. Dancing, for instance, seems to grow slower than gathering wood ... and that's before you consider the factors, which can slow progression to a crawl.

Social skills can be cancelled by right-clicking. Many menus can be closed the same way. However, I find that it often takes multiple clicks to cancel a skill, and menus have to be clicked in specific areas to close them (generally in areas where there are no buttons, but sometimes right over the buttons, with no rhyme or reason).

Service jobs give money relative to the related skills (they specify which one for each job if it's not sexuals) as well as the slave's overall value. Early profits are low precisely because it takes time to train your servants. They need their skills, classes, AND various training perks from the Training and Rules menu to gain the value to make a profit. This is fairly common for an RPG-like game, but it does get pretty extreme here. But if you were to spend the time and effort training one slave at a time, and give them added value as fast as it becomes available, they would start making money quite quickly. I haven't managed any no-combat runs yet but low-combat runs really can stay ahead of the debt payment.

I agree that a combat-heavy start is heavily favored here but for a different reason: slave factor upgrades. In previous versions, slaves' factors could be upgraded directly with gold or xp, but now you have to find a slave with the factor you want and sacrifice them to feed that factor into another slave (which costs gold based on the value of the recipient). Factors lead to faster growth of physics/etc, which improves profitability, and no factor is more valuable than growth, which has an exponential effect on the slave's value, as well as determining the job efficiency multiplier (and as I mentioned, value is huge in determining their profits from services). Just to put some raw numbers up here, my current game has a newly-acquired cat stripper who has only 2 growth and the dancer and harlot classes, has no advanced training, is worth 310, and earns 64 gold per day. My fully-loaded Daisy, on the other hand, has 6 growth (trained her to 5 before buying the dress, which gives +1), every class in the sex section, and every value-adding training option, is worth 6683, and can make 948 per day as a sex toy, or 896 per day as a stripper (fun fact, stripper runs off charm, which for her is at 60/100, so she isn't making max profits there yet). Of course this extreme gap means you'd be heavily penalized for not upgrading your slaves, and you need to sift through a lot of slaves to find enough sacrifices for just one to be fully upgraded. Without the huge influx of free characters from combat, such upgrades would be completely impractical. You simply can't find that many slaves in the markets, and it would be far too expensive if you could.

I disagree that crafting jobs get "the shortest end of the stick" as I've found crafted weapons and armor essential to all my combat characters, and crafted tools vital to all my workers. Workers' outfits and other costume attire I can usually find plenty of without the bother of making it myself, but armor, weapons, and tools found in shops or taken from the stores never seem to be built the way I want them. I do very much wish, however, that you didn't need a level 2 tailor to make medium armor. The early game is laced with an obnoxious period where you can make heavy armor but can't equip it to anybody, but you can't make the medium armor you can actually use.

I don't have much to say on your other points except that I agree with them.  Some excellent QoL suggestions.

Yeah, I first tried the "mindread always on" before mindread didn't cost a turn, but I got sick of having to spend time setting that up all the time (mana isn't really an issue, it's easy to maintain ~2000 mana with 12+ girls and a few foursomes a day), so I'll give it the suggested line edits and hope that works. 

So I've just about finished my reload and have *more* mods now with no issues so far. Though I haven't done a pregnancy test to confirm Halfkin Expanded is working yet. My guess is that versioning is what was getting me. I hadn't realized the main game was still getting code updates so I was running a version from ~2 years ago I think, and some of my mods were older while others were more recent. I also didn't know the bugfix should be first so I'm pretty sure constants was at the top.

Sounds good. Mainly what I wanted was the items anyway. Do you know of any mods that change or add items that are built for the latest patch so I could study the proper technique, or would it be better if I come to the discord for guidance?

Also, I can probably come up with a description that is much more fitting. Writing is my jam, that was just the lazy-man edition. Ideally though I would need to know something about what was intended with that item.

I just wrote in "Makes you feel dark and edgy, but also mysteriously energetic." for a description. Not quite in keeping with the rest of the descriptions but better than repeating the living armor, and it is a rare item anyway. I think I've seen it exactly once the entire time I've played. And I've *never* seen the armor breaker. I assumed it was new to this mod. Is it intended to be the 6 or the 9? I assumed 6 since it ignores armor, and generally good balance entails armor-piercing weapons doing less raw damage so they're specialized.

I was actually thinking I'd cherry pick the parts I want from this mod, but do you know how exactly it's incompatible? That could inform which parts I pick out.

So, no idea if this is still being updated or if anyone cares but I was scanning through the files and noticed a few text errors. Misspelled words mainly, though the rogue's armor is still using the description from living armor. Missing x from "exquisite" in the description of the elven boots, that sort of thing. Biggest bug so far is the damage of the armor breaker saying +6 in code but +9 in description. I plan to fix these bugs myself but thought it might be useful to update the download.

Sorry, I didn't mean to downplay your experience. And I had no idea the game would actually be making use of a text file with zero code. I only have 4 mods listed currently: Constants, Random Portraits (the first two mods I ever picked up), Expanded Sex (downloaded this week), and the Bugfix, into which I incorporated Levelling Makes You Smarter and Halfkin Offspring Expanded, as it seemed to be overwriting them. Not exactly a long list. I check the mod report each time I add a new one, and nothing ever comes up, but I still get the reload CTD issue, which has been going on for long enough that I just assume it's going to happen. I also had an issue with Mind Read Always Active and then Armor Matters, where the explore menu would say I'd found a fight but never spawn the buttons to fight it or avoid it, so I ditched those mods, and the last time that happened the problem persisted until I downloaded a fresh copy of the game.

Could be the constants mod interacting badly, I suppose. Pretty sure I haven't updated it in at least two years.

It's necessary to keep the text file that just has a single sentence (in English, not code) that tells people what the mod does? The mod has one working part and I had it installed. I'm pretty sure it was at the bottom because it was the last one installed but I can try again, but even if that wasn't the case, I literally copy/pasted the code from this mod into the relevant file from the bugfix mod, both at the top and at the bottom of that file (not at the same time), and I searched every other mod I use to make sure there were no further conflicts. The only other thing I can think of is that somehow the mana mod's code needed to go somewhere in the middle of the bugfix file. Nothing worked until I edited the main files. I mean, this mod's code still showed me where to make the edits, but that's not the point of a downloadable mod. 

I am on win10 btw.

I'm sorry, I don't mean to sound crass. It's just that I've done mod debugging before and already tried all of these solutions except for a debug mod, which I didn't know existed and don't really need. Apart from my game crashing when I try to reload a save and a few mods causing a crash or just flat-out not working, everything runs fine. If this debug mod can fix those issues I'll look into it, but otherwise I'm reasonably happy with my current setup. Still hoping I can learn to expand the sex system from the expanded sex mod, but that's slow going. I simply wanted to let the author know in case things weren't working as intended.

Huh. Can't get this to work. I even copied the script into the bugfix mod's Mansion file figuring it was overriding this, trying top and bottom in case that made a difference, and I'm still getting 500 gold demanded on the screen and subtracted from my stockpile. I'm noticing there's not an AddTo or RemoveFrom command, is there supposed to be? Or is this text just supposed to be copy-pasted over the relevant sections in the original game files?

Wow, many thanks for the portrait pack editor. Makes it so easy to look at the portrait sets and figure out what's broken. All it's missing is a DELETE button for getting rid of portraits that don't have a mate or that I never want to use.

Huh. Didn't know it could be modded. Where do I find these mods? isn't exactly the nexus. I know I've found a few mods for other games on here but the navigation isn't great.

There is a "gallery" of sorts. Go to the house area and click on the journal. There's a section in there called "secret memory" where you can relive all the bonding events you've discovered thus far.

First, the tech tree is the tentacle-looking icon in between the book and the note paper. It provides hints on how to advance your skills. Second, the combat system is a lane-based autobattler. Once you unlock some things and scout a territory, you can pick a "royal army" and invade other territories with it. Burn hearts to activate your monsters' special abilities. As for overpopulation, the only solution I've found thus far is to quite literally work my tentacles to death. Once they use up all their energy hunting, scouting etc, they become wounded and may continue to take damage until they disappear.

As for feeding, I don't think it's implemented yet, at least not in the public build. It looks like feeding is going to appear as an unlockable ability, like scouting.

I don't know the controls on Android but it's standard Ren'Py game controls. Whatever button you use to access options should include a way to reach the main menu.

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Hmm ... I like the concept, but I really wish the graphics weren't quite so pixellated. Seriously, I think civ 2 had higher resolution. Trying it for the first time, it's hard to know what I'm looking at sometimes, and it's actually physically painful to go full screen.

Okay, I found it. In the middle of the talk menu is a flashing button labeled "Quest" ... click that to progress.

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How? There's nothing in the punishment room to work with, no actions are unlocked in the intimacy or discipline menus, the only places to visit are your own ship and the palace, and any talking action just leads to "I won't talk to you." Can't even feed her. So how the hell is someone supposed to take that first step?