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Hmm ... I like the concept, but I really wish the graphics weren't quite so pixellated. Seriously, I think civ 2 had higher resolution. Trying it for the first time, it's hard to know what I'm looking at sometimes, and it's actually physically painful to go full screen.

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Bruh its meant for 2016 iphones

or crappy androids 


i love love love t he graphics! 


Yeah, I'm with you. The graphics are *perfect*.

This game is better than Civ VI, it's just science.


There are mods that change the graphics called tilesets, if i'm not wrong the top mod is a tileset

Huh. Didn't know it could be modded. Where do I find these mods? isn't exactly the nexus. I know I've found a few mods for other games on here but the navigation isn't great.


Above "Options" in the main menu