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Yeah. But meh, I get games as much for their story as everything else. A good story is what changes merly good games to great ones!

I just got to the latest drama with Maria. Wow, way to bring home the darker side of this world! I hate it, but have to give a deep nod of respect for hitting right in the feels! Great storytelling, it is what changes good games to great ones!

This would make a very good steam game. Even better quality than most on there. :P

With the magic these games make, they might as well be wizards. It's not like they aren't designing runic arrays that have many strange effects and redefining words and concepts for their own use or anything.

A game designer is never late, nor is he early, he arrives precisely when he means to.



I found out it was that the upgrade button disappears if you don't have the materials. It's not just greyed out, it's gone.

Thanks. Though I noticed the DL has been updated since I posted this.

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Thanks for the update.

Gameplay stopping bug - Can't build upgrades for the mansion.
Using win64 version.  Erased old game, and extracted new game into old folder.

Two questions. Is this the same game as on Steam? And is there some way online service that lets you use your computer mic with the game?

What was updated with 11.2?

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Present as 'assigned house duties and tasks' for immersion. :)

I noticed this after about the 18th day of gameplay. I would get a message after having sex that X has acquired submissive or anal lover trait, but then I can't activate it in the details. There also seem to be hidden traits that I can't see. I mean I see 1/4 traits, but I also see the message that no traits have been discovered.

On a computer yes, I believe saves are stored in a seperate folder from where you un-zipped the game. Just un-zip the DL and your saved games will be there again. If you want to be sure unzip into a new folder, play the game from the new folder and make sure your saves are there, then delete the old version of the game. At least that is what worked for me with few problems.

Each elf is only a viable once. Do you already have them? Or reached the point of the story to have them a viable?

This got resolved when I went into the gallery and did a replay. When I resumed the game, I was able to finish Ashley's story.

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Bug report - Ashley's story in v0.11. I loaded a saved game, and got the scene where the fairies volunteered themselves. But I still have a story incomplete for Ashley, and when I visit her room I get a message about coming back in the morning, but then the *talk* option disappears in the morning, only to return when I visit later.

I've tried using both of these, and they don't seem to do anything. Even in combat, and it says a downed ally has the green border before casting resurrect, it doesn't do anything. They have to be sent back to the mansion at 1hp and grave injury. Or is this as intended, that it just revives them enough to recover instead of being permanently killed?

Found the problem. The button changed positions and I just didn't see it in the new position and coloring. Heh.

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Not use penis in pussy. Everything else is good.

Crude but accurate.

I remember that button, but it disappeared with the last update. I just see a blue message 'Area Compleate' and can't do anything with it.

I have several dungeons completed on my travel list, but they are not going away or re-spawning after I complete them. Nor can I buy any more from Aliron.

Some guidance at the beginning for a 'starter' combat area or maybe a training arena? Also some summary of expected monsters in area. I went to the the first 'easy' area, and every fight was 6v1 wolf and spider fight.

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I'm using Win64 version.

The game seems to crash if I try to praise someone who is located in a different area. 

When you have more skills than can fit on the battle bar, they extra ones just get dropped off. Is there any way to change them out, or use them all?

Flash Player is going to be removed from PC operating systems soon, is that going to affect the ability to play Strive for Power?

.... Because I had the other items in my inventory when I went to see her. That is probably the problem. All the items have to be in my home storage, not my backpack. Ok.

And THAT is the bug. I can't complete the quest because I can't give her the food, even when I have more than enough in my home storage.

How do you get 'food' into the mansion inventory? All food is just tossed into storage as far as I can tell.

Ok, but are they actually doing those jobs even when sent away? That is the bigger question.

Suggestion for future add-on. Pony slaves. It would be part of the farm expansion, and can be used for racing contests, rent to local city for transport, or harvesting crops/food.

I let my slave be used for a couple of weeks by the alchemist in Gron, and was unable to assign a new nurse because that was the job I had her doing.

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In the main quest line in Frostford, if you choose to bring the lady to negotiate with the Dryad, she asks for some items to be delivered so she can stay for a week to hold up her part of the truce. One of the items is food. I am unable to actually bring her that food. I have enough in mansion storage, but I am unable to actually give it to her.

I am using ver 0.5.19c on Win 10

How do I upload my game save file here?