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Strive for Power

Fantasy Slave Management/RPG Erotic Game · By Strive4Power

Core Tag & Size Rules?

A topic by Realms×Myths created Jun 17, 2020 Views: 2,547 Replies: 13
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I would like to create a personal portrait pack.

However, I need to know all the base species\races, the tags to put in the file names, and in what order, as well as the character(s) that go between tags.

If information is on the wiki, can you link me to the page it's mentioned on?

In the Strive game folder, the file "files/scripts/characters/" can be opened with a text editor.  It will have the names of all the races except Halfkin, which are simply the races with "Beastkin" replaced with "Halfkin". The game searches the file name and relative file path from the "portraits" folder for either on of the words found in a race name. If either is found it adds it to a pool of candidate images and will later randomly assign one to the slave. Also it ignores the case of the letters, 'B' == 'b'. So a "Beastkin Bunny" slave will be assigned a picture contain either "beastkin" or "bunny".

Useful, that helps with races.

And the other tags, like age tags, hair colour, etcetera…?

Additionally, can I give an image the portrait\fullbody(?) folder(s) a specific name to replace NPC art with art that matches the style of the custom body\portraits I plan to use?

My earlier post is the entire tag system for vanilla Strive, there are no other tags. There is no system for automatically replacing NPC art, though you could probably mod the file to use other images. Any slave can have its images replaced manually, so once you acquire an NPC you can replace their images, though that won't effect the quest images.

If you are looking for further tag support, then you will need to explore the improved random portraits mod ( It still has some flaws as articulated in the last few comments, but works fairly well. It has a guide included in its files.

It seems I mentioned it in my thread's title, but forgot to actually ask about it;

What are the height×width sizes for the fullbody and portrait images?

I'm in too many discord servers, it won't let me join.

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This is probably the info he was linking to in the discord(edit: there is a channel where people discuss portrait packs):

the slave tab portraits are 139x139
the slave tab full bodies are 370x608
combat portraits are 105x105, though enemies are 90x90(edited)
for sex interaction portraits are 35x35, and bodies are 600x600
thus the slave tab dimensions are basically the max you can use(unless you want something grand for the sex portrait), anything different is fine as it should keep aspect, though it will shrink/expand to fit


Are the combat portraits in a different folder than the slave tab portraits?

Sorry if my questions are bothersome…

Slaves only have one portrait and one body image, these will shrink or expand to fit the size of the GUI control holding them. Enemies in combat have a separate folder ("files/images/enemies"), but without modding the game they will not use new pictures.

Thank you for your assistance.

If you want an easier time when naming / tagging photos use this tool from Kyler2

Thank you.