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Create your own 3D models and 2D sprites! · By Kenney

Random Block

A topic by bitsydoge created Jul 05, 2017 Views: 3,613 Replies: 13
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I start with some random block I made on sketchup to try a bit custom block and learning sketchup. 

12 (6 with 2 variant)

They have material with up to three different color area.

They're are not representing really something but with scale and rotating it can be usefull for building mechanic stuff, use them like primitive.

Picture :


Little example : 

Other Direction

Those look cool! You should include a license with the zip so people downloading know the terms of use (Public domain, requires attribution, non-commercial, etc...)

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I updated the link with 3 new block for Arch, like the other, they're not perfect but can be helpfull

I updated some old model to make them really 1x1x1

Nice block pack, very much appreciated....

So nice that i just had to make a alien space station with some of them :D

Nice, I like the variety. Good work :)

Is possible a request? Can you do a box with on you can set a different texture in each side ¿?

Yeah no problem it's really quick to do.


Works perfect thanks! :D

Sadly, it appears that the download link is broken =[

Oh no. the link is dead.

Dead link :(

the link is still dead.

Please re upload!

I don't have them in my archives anymore, if anyone have it it would be nice to up it anywhere (or i'll do it)

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