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First thing that comes to mind is UE. Then GameMaker.

Understood. Thanks. Would be nice if it could export to other formats (I don't use Unity).

Looking at the car generator sample, I think I'm getting it....

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Is there a way to select a block from the toolbox and place it on a scene with  a script?

  • ) caught my eye, but I'm not sure what is meant by, "build"
  • How do I know the name of the block that I want to select from a script?
  • Is there a tutorial somewhere? All I've found was this.


What game engines does this export to?

Oh hell yeah. I can play dragon warrior as a tabletop. Time to find my old nintendo power map and guide book <3

SpriteMancer community · Created a new topic Thank You!


Awesome. Thanks for the responses. That was my morning dopamine hit!! I'm making some assets now to start prototyping!

Wait, this hasn't been updated in a long time. Does it still work?

I'd buy this and GMS if it works well.


Was literally asking for a friend. :)


Any chance we can get an iPad port?

It looks awesome :)

Is this a fork or MasterPlan?

Snake Rattle & Roll :)

How do I get to the forums for this software on itch? I'd like to provide feedback :)


Works for me. Thanks.

Aww crap. I bought this because I thought that it was something that I could load into asset forge... :( I didn't realize it was a unity package...

I'd also like to know.

Sorry to hear that Kenney! Hope you get your data back!

Just downloaded 8 custom block sets from the forums and only 2 of them work ( The Race Track and the Temple collections).


Was just trying to create this :)

Dead link :(

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One thing I've noticed in your sample .blend is that its scale is .5 and not 1. I'm guessing .5 = 1 meter?

And I still have to learn how to get pivot points to the botom center too.

Still not sure what I'm missing here

Here's a link to the blender project

Do you mean one of the samples? Would you like me to try importing one of those?


When I import this 

it looks like this in AF and cannot be dragged onto the plane

I didn't know that was how it's done! Thank you!

Perfect. Thank you!