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go on a heist to get more stats · By adamebell

cheat codes

A topic by adamebell created Jan 29, 2021 Views: 652 Replies: 13
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I'm ripping off of Star Heist here by saying if you give me a rating or leave a review i'll write you a cheat code

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I can't say I'm an impartial party here, but this game is so fucking funny I legit can't wait to play it. Look how many stats you have.


the keganexe letter swap power - when writing down the stats you roll on the stat table, you can change some of the letters while nobody's looking. If nobody catches it before you roll and write the next stat, it's canon


I have always felt like I'm good at "Finding Paths Through Crowds" but i have never played a game that allowed me to have it as a stat. This sound like it would be funny to play.


the kalrog crowd power: Once per session, you can demand to the GM to fill the current room with some sort of crowd and they must work it in somehow, no matter how out of place it might seem at first.


Yet Another mv pocket power - before you sit down to play, fill your pockets with as many dice as you possibly can. When you're unhappy with a roll, you have 10 seconds to pull a die out of your pocket and set it on the table to whatever face you want. That die is considered to have been rolled naturally.


Spencer's  Current Favorite Video Game Power - During character creation, give yourself a skill that a character has in a video game you've been enjoying lately, as long as that video game is Destiny or Warframe. For that good inspiration, go buy Light (or Frame whenever it's released).

I will ONLY accept skills from Destiny or Warframe.

This is so cool Adam!


The Josh Hittie extra dice power. Death Mask Die- if you have to roll the dice and happen to be shrouding yourself in necromantic energies, roll an extra die. Revenant Dice - If you are channeling forgotten memories and skills from your past life, roll an extra die. Add this extra die in whatever way makes sense for your dice class.

Super pumped to have pieces of Death Mask heisted. Hell yeah. 


it's good shit


The gayhalforc Go Mode - once you take enough damage, you enter Go Mode like you're Terry or something. Everything you do is now tinged with magic and has greater effect.


The Plus One Exp Beard Balm Booster - If your character wears a beard in any way, take Well Groomed Beard as a stat. That's it. It's a good one.

WHOA! This seems game breaking... and we are here for it.