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Thank you! Glad you are enjoying the setting. I definitely have a lot of fun stuff planned for the upcoming months. Starting with diving and underwater exploration—I have a feeling it’s going to be very cool <3

hey, hey you… wanna… wanna see what’s in my pocket????

Thank you so so much! I have some fun supplements for the Arbiter & Player roles planned for this year, so stay tuned (maybe even print! who knows). Glad you are enjoying the game <3

Just finished playing this awesome incursion!

We had two treasure hunters: Alexandros the Gear & Dion the Thread descend into a dark cave turned maze. At first they almost got lost in the rooms that break laws of physics. Eventually they made it to the tournament and escaped some machine gladiators. The center didn’t turn out great for either of them…

The playbooks are great and every character feels really unique. This approach also allows more thematic rituals and backgrounds for the players to draw inspiration from.

The incursion itself relies heavily on question -> prompt structure. This might seem intimidating at first (it was for me) but as I had conversations with players during the game we came up with some great scenes. Each ring of this incursion has a number of prompts which is superb for replayability.

Overall it’s a compelling take on the classic trophy dark structure. Would recommend to players who are at least a bit familiar with the format, but also I can see this working really well as a gm-less / shared worldbuilding session.

Minor typo: in Conditions, last bullet point, “navigate this made” -> “maze”

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as a big fan of the house, this game perfectly evokes the same feelings I had while reading the book. Recommended to all fans of spooky house horror.

sounds p fun! two areas for improvement in my mind. 1. is that trophy is not very combat focused, so there will be some changes to the structure to accommodate battles. 2. trophy is play to lose, so unless you want Beacons to die/fail at the end, the final ring would have to be more open to success scenarios.

I think you are on to something here! would be really cool to see what you come up with.

not yet, sorry :/ i wanted to submit but still need to do the finishing touches. exams got me under time pressure.

had the amazing opportunity to play this game! character creation was quick, fun, and gave me a clear vision for my frog person (Betty Bootleg who sells magic vinyl records). character choices are evocative and diverse. Our crew was made up of personas from all walks of life, which was the cause of fabulous interactions.

when we actually played the game and had to resolve a situation without using violence, it was one of the most cathartic gaming experiences in my life. when we were locked out of the most obvious choice (combat) the group started a great conversation on how to deal with our problem, which led to an amazing event in the Metropolis (the game’s setting). the stats and skills reflect the non violent direction of this game, and inspire coming up with a non violent solution -> this is where the play excels at.

GM section is robust and full of advice and prompts to run many games in this unique setting. For experienced GMs it is a breath of fresh air - a new challenge of taking violence out of the equation. It is a bit reliant on prior rpg knowledge for new GMs, but it is an easy game to set up and offers great tools to keep the players engaged.

overall it’s a well thought out game that doesn’t betray its theme. I would recommend to play this game at least once to experience the joy of de-escalation :)

this is a very fun meteor collection scenario. movement is fast and chaotic, which forces you to pick you battles (meteors) carefully .

overall a very quick and easy to grasp scenario that makes me want to replay it again and again.

for sure! if there are no rules… the cards are the rules!

very interesting jam. i dont think i can come up with a functional game, but worms ccg inspires me to make a gonzo random card generator of some kind.

very clear and simple interface. i like that the affected options are highlighted when hovering, this really helps to focus and make the “right” choices.

thank you for the kind words! i uploaded files that fix the issues you mentioned.

interesting thought about using a tarot deck. I wonder if I can write an optional rule to play as the 3 Fates for example. using a tarot deck to set up a scene, but the player uses dice together with cards to interpret how it plays out.

Doesn’t look like anything to me… ;)

Thank you! We appreciate the feedback!

Thank you! We decided to use the photo to aid the writing. Happy that it worked :D

Thank you very much! Glad you enjoyed the story :)

Thank you! I hope I can keep the updates coming every one or two months. Right now I’m working on a sort of bestiary and more GM guidance. :o

Thank you! I’m glad you enjoy it as much as I do :)

fun little bingo game. very well written tables, so a lot of potential for a memorable story.

Thank you! I will be adding more symbols and hexes soon, so stay tuned :)

Goblins. In. Space. What are you waiting for? Get the game. Now!

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