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Health is dependent on what Looks you have equipped! Page 40 is where that's mentioned, and then the HP stats for each type of Look is in the Looks section. 

Yep, those just do damage equal to Tier (plus any effects they might have at higher Tiers like Blazing Hearts). For "rip and tear" its largely narrative! You might interpret it to mean that you now can rip through an enemy's armor or tear through a barrier. The exact effect is largely up to the table!

If the damage isn't specified, then it deals damage equal to its Tier (also any particular Token you're looking at? just to double check I didn't accidentally leave something out).

I'll get one up shortly!

Thanks for catching that! And let me know how GMing it goes!

A few typos have been pointed out, which will be corrected the next time there's a revision pass on the text. But in the meanwhile; 

  • Page 31: change "... complications from a 4-5..." to "... complications from a 3-4..."
  • Page 61: Point of the Spear; additional Tier bonuses; at Tiers II/III the effects lasts additional rounds equal to Tier.
  • Page 62: Psychokinesis: Rarity is Basic. This matches the rarity listed elsewhere. 
  • Page62: Dynamite; takes up 4 inventory slots. 

If you catch any other issues, feel free to drop them here!

No discord specifically, though you're welcome to drop questions here or get in touch on my twitter. More than happy to answer questions/give clarifications. 

The full release is very soon (like, almost certainly next week soon!), it's right now in the final stages of layout. The stretch goal content (all the extra pins, new archetypes, etc) are going to be compiled in a separate release in the next couple of months and added to the game's downloads here when its done. 

Thank you for the kind words!

Thanks Logan!! I'm really glad to hear the game is working for you (I think you might be the first group of people that I know that have played it).

As written, enemies don't have HP and are defeated when it best makes sense (also I didn't have room in this version!). Having the damage be a stand-in for HP is a good idea though.

They're the same thing! Sorry for the confusion. 

I've had an absolute blast with MONSTER GUTS so far! Had the chance to play the War Bugle, which is a really fun buff/support style weapon-class that really holds its own with the other options!

Really love how the monster hunts and fights themselves are structured. The system gives a great feel of going up against a single, big, dangerous monster without combat feeling like a slog against a damage sponge. 

The tag system in place for rolling for new gear as you scavenge monster parts is also super good and adds a great layer for replaying hunts and customizing your weapons and gear. 

MONSTER GUTS is super easy to pick up and get started hunting some cool as hell monsters in a post-apocalypse Pacific Northwest. I've never played any Monster Hunter games, but if I do, I hope they're as cool as MONSTER GUTS.  

11 Scavenged Monster Claws out of 10.

Demon Cries is based on The Wretched - another very good game - and inspired by the anime Demon Slayers. Specifically the moments where a demon has been exorcised and manages to glimpse all of its old memories of human life.

DC takes the inevitable failure of the The Wretched's framework, and makes it far less desperate, and far more melancholic and dreamlike. The tumbling tower deck will always fall, but as you build to that moment (and also your demon's final moments) you create a story that is equal parts horror as it is tragic. The entire layout and art helps create that soft, dreamlike quality that old, once-forgotten memories have. Uncovering these memories drives the game forward as you draw prompts from a deck of tarot cards.

The prompts themselves can weave a beautiful story of  both violence and sadness. The memories you uncover touch on all different facets of your old life; perhaps a bloody rise to power followed by old childhood memories that draw a single tear.

Despite the darker subject matter, there is a kindness to this game. Not only in the safety section but also in how the game inevitably ends. Once the tower has fallen, depending on the cards you had drawn, you leave something with the exorcist who slew you.

The exorcist recognized the last vestige of humanity within you, which set you on this path of final rediscovery. And as a final kindness, you might give them knowledge, magic, hope. The final *final* prompt deals solely with the exorcist and how they have been changed, and what their fate might hold. I can see how a player would thread together multiple playthroughs using the same exorcist. Watching them change and develop, alongside all the new demons they face. Several of the regular prompts also bring the exorcist into the scene as they become an active player in your own revelations. Which I thought was just very cool.

In the Light of Death the Demon Cries is a really special game. I played a little bit of it before writing this up, and the prompts are incredibly compelling at weaving together a story of reflective tragedy.

Wow thanks for the review!! Really glad you dig it. I would also love to do some more stuff with Death Mask in the future (and huge eyes emoji at any stuff you might end up doing).

You should be able to toggle the background and text layers in the pdf to get white bg + black text (but I'm now unsure how universal that is across readers ...). I'll  add in a printer friendly version to the downloads, no problem. 

Thanks so much for the review! I really appreciate, and the comparison to a sensory deprivation tank is really cool!

Also thanks for catching that missing period, I've gone ahead and updated the files to fix that. 

Super pumped to have pieces of Death Mask heisted. Hell yeah. 

Glad you like it so far! 

  • Yep "talent" should be power - I'll make sure to fix that when I can, thanks for pointing that one out!
  • Warp was sort of a spin on the Stress mechanic found in 2400's Orbital Decay (the mechanics are pretty much the same, just a reframing). I liked the idea of being able to use this "paracausal" outside force that can help you out in tough spots, but also running the risk of things getting weird. In Destiny terms, you could go with unusual things happening with Light/Darkness, weird "not-hive magics", and whatnot. If I get a chance (and can find the room), Warp is definitely something I'd like to tweak some more though (flipping the dice-size-ladder to increase the chance of surges is a good idea). 
  • I have a bad habit of kind of just, tossing in some words that I think are cool/weird and Rending is definitely an example of that haha. Kind of in the spirit of parts of the more esoteric elements of Destiny lore. I'd interpret it however you want! Personally, I was imagining it along a similar spectrum to "taking" (a la Oryx/the Taken), or the more "cosmological damaging" things that crop up in Destiny here and there. Messing with space time is great though, especially if you want to run up against some "not-vex". 

Thanks for the feedback/comments, and if you get a chance to give it a go, feel free to let me know how it goes! I love hearing about that sort of stuff. 

Wow thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying the game! When you get a chance to play it I'd love to hear how it goes, I'm always interested in hearing what works/what doesn't for each group.  

Good luck with your modifications, and if you've got any questions about the game, feel free to drop them here or get in touch on twitter/etc. 

Also keep an eye out in the next couple of months for the next update!

Ooh, using this with Trophy Gold is a great idea. Off the bat, you could probably use it to help populate sets with some extra encounters (throwing together some monsters pulling from the encounter list/Wanderer table shouldn't be too difficult). The Charms and Boons tables would be great for Treasures. 

If you wanted to organize Enter the Forest itself into more of an incursion, I'd probably have a set closer to whatever settlement you choose, maybe one at the margins of the Forest, one near a standing stone, and probably one where you encounter one of the forest gods. 

Honestly, this is just giving me some ideas to do some more Trophy Dark/Gold compatible options for this, so we'll see if that goes somewhere.  

Wow! Thanks for the review and comments! I'm definitely working on making the game more approachable to people new to role playing games, and those updates are also going to be accompanied by a set of example settings (hopefully available sometime toward the end of summer). 

You've also inspired me to take another pass at Apocalypsis and Tenebrae, which honestly yeah, could use a little more heft/instruction/guidance with how to use them. 

Seriously, thanks again for taking the time to comment!

Hey thanks for commenting, I really appreciate the feedback! I hope you get a chance to try the game to see how the collaborative aspects of the mysteries unfold, it's very different from more traditional games, and sort of uses different "muscles" so to speak, but it can be a lot of fun (some other great examples to check out include Balikbayan and Sleepaway). 

On the subject of not enough meat, I wanted to try and strike a balance between leaving things open for players to iterate and create, while still giving some level of example foundation. Though, perhaps that foundation relies too much on being comfortable with the aesthetic touchstones (not that that may be your case I'm just speculating!)

I ideally want to provide enough tools for anyone to be able to create in this space.  Some specifics that I am working on for the next update include, a greater variety of tables, further play-examples, and better explanations of the narrative conventions referred to in the text. I'm a little hesitant to add more detail to the backgrounds/artifacts tables as examples, as I find part of the fun is discovering the meaning of the aspects through active play (and in practice, both as a player and facilitator that's been the case so far). But still, are there more specific tools you would find particularly helpful? All feedback is important in shaping the game, so again, I really appreciate yours!

Ooh, that sounds like some great mashup potential (Your Body, An Altar is fantastic). If you end up doing something along those lines in a game let me know how it goes!

Hey thanks for the feedback I super appreciate it! And I do agree with that analysis, my initial focus wasn't necessarily on "ease of play", especially for those less familiar with narrative conventions. There are some upcoming additions and updates I'm working on that hopefully address that issue (as well as general accessibility improvements).

If/when you get a chance to play it let me know how it goes! There's been a little playtesting here and there, but I would love to see how a game where I am not actually directly involved in goes!

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I love how worldbuilding is integrated into/is an extension of play! Particularly with GM-less/GM-full games, getting everyone at the table invested in the world and the stories you will tell within that world from the very beginning is a hugely important and Space Between Stars absolutely nails this. The presentation of "Threads" also lends itself to an intuitive way to drive these GM-less/full games. 

The Grief/Loyalties/Hindrances mechanics, really the whole way you can build your dice pools are really great. Not to mention, the provided resource/character sheets are slick

Also, space is great and space games are great. Games with Space Whales even greater. 

(and yeah, VICHEATYA)

Oh this rules. A lot.

Thanks for the comment, I really appreciate the feedback!

The intent with the "do what you feel like" mechanics was to make making decisions feel more, "intuitive/contemplative" as I've been reading a lot of tarot/oracle-deck based games. Though I totally get what you're saying! "Roll a d8+2" works really well for picking a number of stars, especially if you want to mostly just use the generator or are trying to make a large group of constellations in a shorter amount of time.

No worries! Wrangling that many submissions/emails can't be easy. Glad to know you go it!

Just saw this topic and I also never got a confirmation. Did you get my second round submission? I sent it on the 22nd (in reply to getting the initial round 2 text. Which could have been the problem now that I think about it).

Thanks for the kind words! Hopefully any players don't encounter something too spooky (unless, too spooky is just what they need).

Glad you enjoy it! I really appreciate the comment!

Thanks for the kind words!!