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Vibe Check - Enter the Inversion

Survive the Watcher's Game in this illuminated by LUMEN tabletop role-playing game · By Ostrichmonkey Games

Errata/Corrections/Typos Sticky

A topic by Ostrichmonkey Games created Feb 15, 2022 Views: 224 Replies: 10
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A few typos have been pointed out, which will be corrected the next time there's a revision pass on the text. But in the meanwhile; 

  • Page 31: change "... complications from a 4-5..." to "... complications from a 3-4..."
  • Page 61: Point of the Spear; additional Tier bonuses; at Tiers II/III the effects lasts additional rounds equal to Tier.
  • Page 62: Psychokinesis: Rarity is Basic. This matches the rarity listed elsewhere. 
  • Page62: Dynamite; takes up 4 inventory slots. 

If you catch any other issues, feel free to drop them here!

Page 39. Thx for community copy, by they way. Will rate after i DM your game. ^^


Thanks for catching that! And let me know how GMing it goes!

Does it say how much Health pc's have anywhere? I might just be missing it but I didn't see anything about it.


Health is dependent on what Looks you have equipped! Page 40 is where that's mentioned, and then the HP stats for each type of Look is in the Looks section. 

Just a little heads up: as of now, it seems possible for players to start with 0 HP. A player rolled a Bold accessory as his first looks and thus has 0 health. I would advice Tier 1 giving at least 1 starting health or adding a clarification for new players to reroll if no initial HP is given by Looks.


I appreciate the comment! Each player should be starting with three different Tier I Looks at creation so they should be starting with at least some HP ( I suppose there is a chance to roll three accessories which would be some bad luck there!). If there are repeats like that then rerolls are absolutely okay (and honestly, if the players wanted to take the tables as more of suggestions that's fine too).  I'll make sure to add a note in the next revisions pass about rerolls for starting Looks. 

Hello! I just found this game and immediately fell in love, TWEWY is probably my favorite game ever. I think I’ve found another issue: on page 83, the stat block for “Wheelie Mobs” is exactly equals to the stat block for “Crawling Wires”. Is this intended?


Good catch! For Wheelie Mobs it should be: 1 Health. Burn Rubber: 1 damage, Near.  Super happy to hear you love the game! I'm planning on updating the main text with all these corrections when I release the bonus content. 

Nice! Just one more thing: should Wheelie Mobs and Crawling Wires have the same actions? Because their actions are also duplicated :)


Missed the actions, whoops! Wheelie Mobs get;

  • Move very fast
  • Circle like a pack
  • Isolate one target