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Alright, I'll probably wait for that to drop before I run my monster hunter thing with this. Excited to see it!

Oh shit Wilderfeasts seems sick, I'll def keep an eye on it! But yeah all that makes sense, I might run it soon, seems like a nice framework to just do whatever with. Would u still recommend using Ranks personally?

Is this just straight up diceless? I might of just misread the rules a bit haha, seems cool though! There's been a suprising number of systems dropping recently that seem to fit the shonen campaigns ive been planning. Excited to see this expand.

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This is pretty cool! The pdf is pretty hard to read with the constant dmc font but the docx seems to be more updated anyways?  So not rlly an issue for me.

I might end up actually using this soon honestly, I was hooked when I saw there was something for DMC and you included a little monster hunter tthing also. I've been looking for something that can fill my extremely specific niche of "Monster Hunter but you also get the powers of the monsters as mutations" which this seems able to handle!  I also have been interested in running some shonen stuff, specifically One Piece recently, this seems like it could handle it fine too.

I'm interested to see it get refined and smoothed out soon! Cause there is a handful of errors in the actual doc and such, or just things like Rank never being described in the main chapters until the mechanical overview at the very end lol (despite it being mentioned a ton. I could of just missed it admittedly though.) Do you have any more words on enemy 'balancing'? More so their hp and stuff, cause just looking at the example ones included I feel like the amount of hp u gave them might be too high? I haven't played yet though, maybe players can chew through 70 health pretty fast.

What kind of games would you say this is best for? I've been peeping around for systems to run some shonen stuff (specifically One Piece) and I haven't really dug deep into this one yet lol.

Hey! I'm sorry to ask, but would it be possible to add a community copy? I really want to buy this to add some longevity to  Monster Guts (it seems cool for shorter games but not longer ones out of the start) but funds aren't very kind currently

Ah alright. I'll have to check it out again when that comes out haha. Don't have much confidence in cooking up my own mobs when I dont have a point of reference, excited to see it though.

A bestiary will come with the worldbook right? I want to run this cause it looks neat but thats the only thing holding me back

Did you mean to make it a pdf? I don't think I have anything that can open .indd files.

Does it say how much Health pc's have anywhere? I might just be missing it but I didn't see anything about it.

Sick, sent a friend request

I've read most of it right now to make sure I understand everything. I'll probbaly just read the GM section of some other FitD stuff, unless you have some specific advice for running it you want to slap in. The main thing that trips me up is Panoply stuff and I think I just need some examples on Items, Techniques, and cultivation methods to understand it better. Do you have a discord by chance? I most likely will run it and I can tell you how it goes there.

Oh, sick! I was just wondering because I was planning on running a xianxia game very soon and have been having some issues finding a system for it. I was gonna use this one but no GM section kind of warded me away since I've never messed with FitD before. Do you think its playable in its current state or should I just wait?

Are you still planning on working on this?

Yeah I get it. I just thought some actual examples wouldn't hurt. Another thing, I know the bestiary is wip right now but do you have an npc or two to show? Just so i can get an idea of how they are setup and all. It's cool if you don't! Was just curious.

Maybe have some examples for the effects of some spells? I'm interested in running this and I know its rules lite but the lack of examples for things such as Inventions and Spells mechanically is a little odd. I do play a lot of crunchy games though so it might just be a me problem.