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What kind of games would you say this is best for? I've been peeping around for systems to run some shonen stuff (specifically One Piece) and I haven't really dug deep into this one yet lol.

I suppose it depends on what part of shonen stories you're looking at! I think the core rules at a baseline excels at interpersonal dramas with some fights. 

If you want to get into some of the big flashy fights, there is a section for "magic" in chapter 7 (extras). You could easily adapt that to represent unique powers & techniques. That chapter also has a lot of ways to design your own new traits, but I also understand that's not what everyone's looking for in a game.

When I released the Beta for the game, I also released a module titled "Pepperoni" as in "who do you call when you want some..." based on Samurai Pizza Cats. That has a few powers that could be adapted, but since it's based on SPC it's a bit more farcical!That's still available, but some of it might be a bit out of date.

If you give it a shot let me know! I'd be happy to offer more suggestions too.