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Are you still planning on working on this?

Yes, I'm still actively working on it! A lot of the stuff that's left is more dense/less of a retread of other FitD games, so it's taking a while, but progress is very much ongoing.

Oh, sick! I was just wondering because I was planning on running a xianxia game very soon and have been having some issues finding a system for it. I was gonna use this one but no GM section kind of warded me away since I've never messed with FitD before. Do you think its playable in its current state or should I just wait?

That's a tricky question lol. I think the game is playable in its current state, but I'm an experienced FitD GM and also I'm the one with the clear creative vision in my head for how it should all work, so ymmv. :P

I've been putting off writing the GM section because I haven't had a chance to run more than two or three playtest sessions, and therefore am not sure what advice to give GMs yet besides just regurgitating stock FitD advice. Have you read Blades in the Dark, Beam Saber, or any other FitD games? If so, their GM sections would probably provide mostly-applicable guidance. If not, I can bump the GM section up my priority list and include it in the v0.2 release that I'm almost done with. If there's anything in particular you'd like guidance on, lmk and I'll be sure to include it.

If you do decide to run it, afaik you'd be the second person ever (after myself) to do so. As such, I'd be very interested to hear how it goes, since you'd be providing valuable playtest data that will influence the game's ongoing development. For the same reason, I'd definitely be available for detailed consultation about anything that you'd like advice on or that's giving your group trouble.

In any case, thanks so much for your interest! ^___^

I've read most of it right now to make sure I understand everything. I'll probbaly just read the GM section of some other FitD stuff, unless you have some specific advice for running it you want to slap in. The main thing that trips me up is Panoply stuff and I think I just need some examples on Items, Techniques, and cultivation methods to understand it better. Do you have a discord by chance? I most likely will run it and I can tell you how it goes there.

I do have a Discord, hmu at Jagganoth#6685. I've got some example panoply items written up, I can get you a copy of the doc once I polish it up a bit (~a day or two).

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