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YEAH! Thanks for asking. I didn't realized they were out!

Hey, That difference is by design. There are a lot of PC moves that let them do more damage like Smite, Backstab, or Pain Bolt.
There are also rules for enchanted weapons in the Bazaar which allows for boosting base damage.

Consume me fungal queen

Thank you and thanks for the kind words!

If you are new to design, a solid veteran, or just looking to connect with other folks for collabs drop your information below.
Maybe you do art, music, or only a certain type of design. That's great.

Let us know who you are and what you make here!

Hey Folks! Over the weekend we will be putting in a number of additions on the creator kit

We want to know what items, creations, questions, and other elements you want to see covered.
Got a question or request? Drop it below!
Think of one mid jam? Drop it below!
Seeing this months later? Drop it below!

We want to make sure the kit is as helpful as possible in explaining how different elements work.

Thought I replied to this Perplexing baybee

Love this!

If you want more DWG goodness the next jam is scheduled

I missed this one! I'm not a dice cop, and sometimes I like to do a secret roll to. When it comes to the lorebuilding questions that's the most common one. People need to do what is best for their table and brain! It plays just as well either way.

I love having the brain space freed up to just run the game with no rolls, but it takes a bit of brain training. 

And WOOT! MapCrow!

The LVL in a given specialty is the LVL it's referring to. So if you have 2 LVLs in Merc you would add +2 to Merc related rolls.

Hey! I missed this! Update coming on Monday for all the print stuff!

If you need help let me know. Not enough folks doing narrative design and specifically adventure content out there. If you need help or pointers let me know

(1 edit)

Tony from Plus One Exp. I write, develop, promote, and publish games. 
Gonna write a system-agnostic bank heist based on tools we use for our Down We Go game if I have time.
Very excited to see what happens here!

Hey Folks, 
Plus One Exp will be printing OstrichMonkey's Jam entry.  I can probably do 2 more 20-36 page entries that can be printed as stand-alone zines.

Alternatively, I can also take multiple smaller entries if someone is interested in compiling them into a single project.

We love Liminal Horror and would be happy to work with a few creators to get your project to print through our print partnership program.

Sorry for the delay! Took the weekend off.
Unfortunately, that is not correct! The price above is just for the digital version.
We will link to the 32 page physical ashcan up this week if you want to purchase it. 

Hey Billtron. We had a death in the family a couple months ago that threw us out of whack on lots of project timelines and this was one of them. Sorry for the delay on this. At this point the earliest due to printing schedules will be late August, but digital should be up right after GenCon as we get everything back on track.

Thanks! The final version will have about 50 pages total but it'll keep that same great feel and a lot of it is for different types of adventures, beasts, and tools you need

Hey Cray Lives! 
It was a crazy year and I just realized we never released the final version! 
I just popped it up last week to do an editing pass and then kick it over to layout. 

Our house graphic artist Johnny Isorena did these and they turned out dope. Gonna slapem on some shirts, stickers and patches soon also! Thanks for the love!

Thanks! We have gotten a lot of love for all of them and folks are already asking for stickers and shirts so we will probably hop on that. 

a reminder but nothing super intensive. Review away!!!!

FYI we did update this to 1hp a day if fully resting as part of hex crawling. We moved it to being a core rule as well

Ahhhhh yeah!

The final version does have armor rules in it and the full version some additional weapon procedures. We’re also excited to get them out in the world!

Hey! No specific theme. It's a Tabletop RPG jam based on a core system that you can find at

beeee oop beeee oop beeee oop I’m back in up here!

I asked this over on discord and there was a lot of positive response to extending the jam 2 weeks through April 15th.

If you have any issue with that let me know.

Also I am happy to manually add entries after the jam for folks with real life issues interfering. 


Hey! I was traveling for the last week and just got to this! Ping me on Discord or Social and I can drop you the ship rules. There is a bit about them in the TWG srd, but not a ton. The current rules are in the Through The Void early beta also

A publisher just asked me for projects I had near ready to print today and I pitched the ideal of a Together We Jam anthology to them. 
This would be a 20-?? page print project that would include core rules, micro games, and expanded content for Together We Go games in print. 
The conditions would be:
1. A5 pages or a4 spreads with good margins
2. Proper TWG games or content.
3. Stand alone games or supplements for them.
4. Finished within 1 month of the jam.

You would still fully own your game.
You can develop your game beyond the core rules outside of your submission.
Everyone will get paid something for contributing. 
If needed final selections for submissions would be selected by Tony, Kegan & Markus.

If you would like your game, supplement, or content to be considered please link it below!

If you need help with layout of formatting for the final submission we are happy to help. 

Love it! We have some cool hexcrawl stuff in edit, but would love to see more!


Drop me a link on twitter or I just added our discord server to the description and that is actually the best place.

Yeah, I created a channel on the plus one server but forgot to link it. Hold on!

Here we go! This is to the Plus One Exp server. 
Check out the #Rules-and- Roles channel before you log out otherwise you will be auto removed.
There is a specific channel for the jam and one for each of Down We Go and Through The Void!

I’ll happily review folks stuff as I’m able!

great question! Generally Magic/tech healing is the norm, but it’s assumed players heal up fully in the time between adventures. 

There are also items and businesses that offer healing effects or services! 

Let me know if that helps.

If you specialize in writing words, layout, development work, shipping, or anything else and want to help other folks with their designs drop your info here! Artist use the art thread, everyone else can drop info here!

Hey! The overview page for the jam is the best place. If you have specific questions or ways you want to help folks let me know. 
A big focus of TWG games is modularity of design so lots of the projects are small content pieces.

I can make a Looking for Collaborator thread like our art one if you would like though.

It's a great place to try out RPG design for the first time.

If you are an artist looking open for commissions or a designer looking for art post here!
This can be art elements or layout support! 

If you have questions for the organizing team drop them here!