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some of that is just bad editing on my part! Initially a turn was "move, cast a spell, potentially make a weapon attack" with a few spells eating the entire turns action. As time went on I got rid of a lot of the content around that, and now a few spells have holdover text that I keep meaning to edit out.

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as a concept I love the idea of coming on to a game, writing an essay on why it's not designed how you'd do it, and then getting upset when they mention you're welcome to do it that way yourself since you've already spent so much time and effort thinking about it.

As someone blessed enough to get to watch Choke. develop, I'm so wildly fuckin excited to see these prints show up!

I had a deck that had the well, and I wrote the entire game before remembering that it just had that as an extra card in it for some reason??? Ended up keeping the card in on the off chance someone else was using the exact same deck, but I keep meaning to go back in and put a note that is an unusual card most decks don't have haha 😅 It's from the Ethereal Visions Illuminated Tarot deck though! Beautiful deck, super shiny. 

Sorry about the confusion there, but super glad you're enjoying the game! Always lovely to hear things are actually getting played!

I appreciate this so much! Thank you!!

Hek Yeah

The Possible Worlds model of the RPG Subscription box is an incredible shake up in indie rpg publishing, and Grandpas Farm is a hella good first entry. I can't wait to see what comes next with these games!

Hey everyone! Here for a quick devlog to keep everyone up to date on what's up.

  • Itchfunding is still going great! The game has raised over $1500 last check which is wild.
  • The other day I finally got to actually hire mv for a map, and Joseph Dunford for editing, so that's all in the pipeline now! I've said it before but it's gonna push back the print run because art and editing take tame, but it's a better game for it.
  • At the $1400 goal I got to hire on my Stretch Goal writers!! The three of them are going to get to work on the second official expansion for In Extremis in a week or two! Its working title is "In Extremis: The Abyss". It'll feature new classes, new missions, and more that I'll announce as we get closer to release! If you've backed the game already you'll have access to this zine when it comes out!
  • If you noted I said second expansion, that's because I've been quietly working on a first expansion zine in the background since the game funded! This one is staying a secret for a bit still, but sets up future expansion zines. Like The Abyss you'll get free access to it, but that's all I'm saying on it for now!
  • Finally, today Aaron King also released an incredible adventure for In Extremis called The Animals of Camillus. Aaron King has long been one of my favorite people in the RPG world, and if you get this you'll totally get it. In addition to an adventure the game includes new spells, and two new mechanics that are incredible additions to the base game. You can and should pick it up here:

That's all for now, thanks for backing everyone, and can't wait to talk more about the print run when editing and stuff is all done!

Yeah of course!

at $500 I was getting prints! They aren't out yet because I'm waiting on some edits and new art and stuff from other stretch goals, but I'll be emailing everyone when prints are available! It got mentioned in a devlog but there are a lot of moving pieces so I'm happy to clear it up 😅

At $2000 I'm putting the supplements from the stretch goal writers into print is what that tier is for. Otherwise the stretch goal stuff is gonna be digital exclusives, or maybe get bound into the original some point down the line assuming I sell out the original print run and people are still interested.

Hell yeah!

submit it! I'm really not strict about it, if it inspired you to make something cool it should be in!

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Well I announced stretch goals, and then immediately blew through two of them. This has been a whirlwind of a campaign already, and I'm consistently blown away by the support this game is getting!

I got to bring on an editor, and hire mv to make a sick fucking Star Map of the Opiter System! This is gonna potentially push back the print date a bit, but like totally worth it to get a better game out to everyone! Thanks again a million times to everyone!

Gonna shout out some more itchfunding projects that could use the communities love and support if you get some time!

Wow I used a lot of exclamation points! It's good I have an editor coming on!

hell yeah

Thank you all so much! In Extremis smashed through it's itchfunding goal not even a full 20 hours after it went live, I actually can not believe it. So here's how itch payouts work, so I can explain the printing time table:

  • In 7 Days I will be allowed to request the money from
  • They send their team of accountants (?) to go over all of my money and make sure nothings funny with it. This normally takes a week, but once it took 45 days with not a single comment from itch about what was holding them up, so who knows.
  • After their team goes through it, they release it to my paypal, and THEN I get to wait another 24 hours till it's in my account and usable

What this means is there is gonna be a bit of a wait for me to order prints, but I'm hopefully ordering some test prints ahead of time this upcoming week, so I'll have some sort of idea what we will be looking at! The current plan (and plans stay in flux so don't think too much about this) is to purchase about 100 Soft Covers, as well as 25 Hard Covers. People who backed me here will get first dibs on all of those, as well as a coupon code to my newly setup online store. You might also be able to grab some of the limited edition prints of Phanta, and all games are gonna be shipped out alongside a few copies of The Things in the Woods, which is a business card sized game.

In other news:

Rules questions, comments on lore, or concerns about things that you don't feel I covered well enough can all go here! this game has a lot going on, and it's not unreasonable to believe I might have missed something, or that something might need a little bit of clarification.

In Extremis community · Created a new topic Reviews

Toss Reviews here if you review the game and have thoughts!

In Extremis community · Created a new topic Devlog
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Hi everyone thanks so much for the patience! The game is done and ready to launch, so I am launching it tonight at 8 PM ET alongside my livestream with Plus One Exp, and a bunch of other great folks. Can't wait for you all to see this game in full, it is an absolute dream to play in and I'm super proud of the work I did on it.

You can catch my stream tonight at 8 PM ET here!

You can catch more info about this stream in the Streaming thread!

May 2nd 2021 at 8 PM ET with

I can not say it enough, but this is one of my favorite games ever, and I'm so happy it's finally out.

So I have a few huge baddies, and my solution for this had been having smaller baddies with them more or less. So a big powerful boss, but he has like 5 lower health shield drones on him that have their own Moves and Abilities. I don't know Monster Hunter super well, but it feels like a thing where you could take a similair approach in having modular bits that players could focus down that might award them a drop, and might make the big bad easier, at the expense of not getting to chip away at his health that turn.

I'll post relevant info in this thread when they come up! Also a great place to post if you're interested in getting a copy of the game early to play it on a podcast or  stream or anything like that.

the quick start was mad fast and furious like by hacking down rules from the whole game, but I'm still curious how people like it! I've somehow made it this far in my career without having ever written an adventure module, so lemme know thoughts on that, thoughts on the rules, or anything else you have on your mind!

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The LUMEN SRD is wonderfully put together, and unexpectedly a joy to look at, and read through. My head is already swimming with LUMEN games, and I really can't wait to see what the community puts out with it!

Minor update: I somehow forgot to include attribution in the .docx version of the game, which is a wild thing to forget about, but it is up and fixed and spiffed up the smallest amount!

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Feel free to drop reviews or opinions or anything like that here!

The Necromancer is finally here! Hit some delays just because life is wild all the time, but it's finally out! There was a bit of scope bloating as I went on, but instead of backing down I tackled it full force which means The Necromancer is 30 full pages of art, texture, and game. It ended up a behemoth, and I'm really proud of it, and I hope you all enjoy it!

Of note, that Radical Death Studies donation is incoming as well, I'm just waiting on an itch payout!

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A 2 Player Scenario

Arms Race is a 2 player deck building scenario, of managing power creep while creating a game. Each players comes to the table with 22 blank cards. First each player will create an Archtype Card. This is a level 15 card that starts the game on the field. It can not deal damage, but can have damage dealt to it. When you destroy your enemies Archtype you have won the game. Players will look at each other's Archtypes, than place their Archtype face down. Next players will create 6 level one cards, revealing them only after they've created all of them, and then placing them face down on top of their Archtype.

Players continue doing this to make:

  • 5 level two cards
  • 4 level three cards
  • 3 level four cards
  • 2 level five cards
  • 1 level six card

After creating all your cards, you're ready to play! Archtypes start the game on the field, and the rest of the game proceeds as usual, with the game ending after an Archtype is destroyed.


Uses the same rules as Arms Race, but after building decks, swap them with the other player.


Uses the same rules as Nuclear De-Escalation. You still swap decks at the end, but you never reveal the cards you make at any point.

This post reminded me that I said I was gonna do this, so here's a slightly bigger list

Slayers has some of the single most inspiring TTRPG design I've ever seen. Combat is asymmetrical in that each class behaves and plays in completely unique ways. They aren't "balanced" in a traditional sense, but they play well together and that's way more important. It has a decent amount of crunch, while still being rules-lite enough that really the entire fucking world is open and that's honestly sick as hell.

This game is a D&D Killer in every sense of the word, it's some of the strongest design you'll ever come across in the indie space.

Outside of this, Slayers has one of the strongest SRD's, and Open Licenses you'll find, which means everyone can make (and is encouraged to make) Slayers content. So there is a huge group of 3rd party Slayers content. Unlike another D&D you don't owe Spencer your money for using the Open License, which means there is a bustling group of third party content you can find here.

I know what you're here thinking though:

"You know, this game looks good, but I wish it was set in the wild west instead"

And like hold onto your fucking boots partner because I'm about to rock your goddamn world 

Dust, A Slayers Supplement
Dust, A Slayers Supplement

Dust is an official supplement for Slayers that drops a desert into the middle of the setting, adds a new class (The Deadeye, a Rifle wielding motherfucker), a ton of new high quality content/maps/art, and 4 new Wild West Adventures, including of course a train robbery 

Side note I love a train robbery 

Anyway, Slayers is well worth the money, and if you've made it this far into this post without going up to get it what's wrong with you it's so good go get it.

Okay I'm home from work I can say a little more now! I went ahead and bought some new stock art that I couldn't justify earlier, and we are 1/4 of the way to the second stretch goal, hiring my husband to edit! This isn't just a case of clear nepotism, Joe is a professional editor with a ton of TTRPG experience under his belt, and I'm absolutely excited to have him potentially working on this in an official capactiy. This means everyone should be hopefully (still gotta fund it) getting a much more polished experience than I could provide alone, and the game will be that much better for it.

The plan is going to be to have Joe take the entire document after I finish it and provide not just editing, but also writing and rewriting bits as needed, and helping me iron out any potential problems with gameplay mechanics! Anyway thanks again for the support everyone, it really means the world to me!

Feel free to drop anything like that here, and I'll get to them ASAP, or shoot me a message on twitter @keganexe.

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Gonna do devlogs here so folks can comment on them and see all of them in one place!

Thanks so much for the support everyone, we hit the first stretch goal within 24 hours which I totally was not expecting! This means I get to make an art purchase this week, and the game should launch with some of the pieces I wanted which I'm truly thrilled about.

I'll update a bit later because I'm sneaking away at work to write this as is, but thank you all so much ❤️❤️ it's so cool that folks trust me to release a cool game.

I should be finishing up the brunt of the writing and layout this weekend, and then most of next week should be dedicated to playtesting it and making sure it's smooth! So expect the like beta version here soon.