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In Extremis

Necromantic. Power. Fantasy. Locked Tomb Trilogy inspired, and Illuminated by LUMEN. · By Kegan (@Keganexe)

Questions, Comments, and Concerns! Sticky

A topic by Kegan (@Keganexe) created May 02, 2021 Views: 314 Replies: 6
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Rules questions, comments on lore, or concerns about things that you don't feel I covered well enough can all go here! this game has a lot going on, and it's not unreasonable to believe I might have missed something, or that something might need a little bit of clarification.


I made bees.


hell yeah

Hey, sorry if I missed it anywhere but do combat spells require using your action to cast generally? I ask mainly because some say that they "Take an action"



some of that is just bad editing on my part! Initially a turn was "move, cast a spell, potentially make a weapon attack" with a few spells eating the entire turns action. As time went on I got rid of a lot of the content around that, and now a few spells have holdover text that I keep meaning to edit out.

Are there any plans for a booklet version PDF? I'd love to be able to print out my own physical copy at home. :)


I'm having trouble understanding a character from the Quick Start In Extremis: The Muscle Witch.

Does the damage this character inflicts on himself through his spells get reduced by "Impenetrable Body"? I don't think so, even though the description of "Impenetrable Body" states: "Any time you would take Damage."

I'm also unclear about the spell description for "The Juice" where it says "(or 1 additional damage to you)". Does The Muscle Witch inflict 1 or 2 damage upon himself, and based on what criteria?

I consulted a Haruspex who told me that I would 'unearth' my answers by delving deeply at this location.