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Very good and spooky! And easy to make less spooky if horror isn't your vibe. Clear layout and useful handouts make these adventures a breeze to use at the table.

Starkly clear in layout and function—it's almost immediately usable at the table regardless of system. It's peppered with moments of sly humor, shocking violence, and very human emotion. It kicks of the stories of gods, humans, animals, and the things in between without taking agency from players and their characters.

Gonna run Tunnel Goons at Big Bad Con, so I'm headed to the library now to print some of these off. Thanks for making them! I bought one of your other games as a way of "tipping" you; excited to look through that too.

I just uploaded my Goon Jam game and thought, "I should make a spellcasting supplement too." But then I found this! Good stuff; excited to bring it into games I run. Thanks!