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This is probably one of my favorite weird indie RPGs. The text is inspiring and one of the reasons I have started writing weird little RPGs. It's also actually terrifying. A must-read if you are into this kind of art.

I think i might not understand the save rules correctly.  It seems like 1d10 vs attribute would be very easy to beat.


I loved reading Heroic Archivist and became very interested in your other work. 

The concept of this game is very interesting and I love the writing and general tone. 

Gorgeous design and layout, an interesting spin on story structure, a great adaptation of the setting and excellent writing make this a great read for anyone interested in role-playing games. Looking forward to my first playtest.

I really like the system that lasers and feelings uses... i don't really know how it could be used here but it might be interesting

I have always felt like I'm good at "Finding Paths Through Crowds" but i have never played a game that allowed me to have it as a stat. This sound like it would be funny to play.