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Hope you like it!

Hiding something in plain sight 😬

Thanks for the words of support!

Happy to help. 

Actions cannot be split like that. All the Harm of an action must go to a single target, and movement cannot be interrupted by an action and then continued.

I let them get one last reap in at the end of combat!

Ah gotcha! Send me an email at and I can get you a PDF code for here.

Thank you so much!

Hope you enjoy it!

Sorry I misunderstood. If you have the PDF access here on itch, you should have access to the files. Do you have PDF access here? Or did you get the PDF somewhere else somehow?

If you purchased the book, you have the PDF copies of book and realm atlas. This card PnP collection is a separate purchase for folks who want to print the cards at home.

They are in the downloads of the game here. Since you own the PDF, you should be able to download them. 

I've updated the files to be separate sheets now instead of merged spreads!

(1 edit)

They will be made as separate purchases.

EDIT: Since this post I've decided to simplify things and release the future Volumes as just included with your original $5 purchase of this edition of the game!

Any actions that aren't related to harm for enemies takes place in Step 2 (unless the wording of the effect or action says otherwise)

That's a bit of an edge case, and open to your interpretation. If all Harm is dealt at the same time, than you brought the necromancer to 0 at the same time as they hit you. Since the healing doesn't happen until after the harm is dealt, the necromancer is already at 0, and would be considered dead. 


That rune immediately kicks in, bringing your max Health to 12. As long as you have that rune equipped, you can heal back up to 12, including when you rest or respawn. 

Good luck on the Grim Coast!

Rolling with Difficulty recently did an excellent play of HUNT!

HUNT community · Created a new topic HUNT Actual Plays

I'll leave any HUNT actual plays that I find in this thread!

Thank you so much for the kind words!

You do not add the dice together. A Blade rolling 2d6 has the opportunity to hit zero times, one time, or two times depending on the outcome of each individual die. So if they rolled a 3 and a 5, that's one hit (the 5). They would get to roll that one again to see if their combo continues, but not the 3 since it didn't hit. 

Thank you so much for the kind words! I'm so glad to hear that RUNE was not only a fun game for you, but a source of inspiration and reference for your own work. Congrats on a successful campaign, that's a huge accomplishment!

Post your thoughts, ideas, and anything related to the NOVA Tactics skirmish game!

I'm deleting the question above, not because it's a bad question, but because it contains a realm spoiler! 

Please leave realm specific questions in the Realm Questions board, where spoilers are allowed.

Working on volumes 2 and 3 currently!

This is a new system set in the NOVA universe. 

Right now there are only 6 realms. Ome in the core rules and 5 in the soul Atlas, which you get when you buy the game. 

That's correct!

3 isn't inherently harder than 4, because the GM can shape the encounters to fit the group size

Thank you so much for your kind words, I'm glad you enjoyed the game!!

Anything that is Range 2 can attack diagonally 

We are working on getting that version posted soon!

Heck yeah, thanks for sharing!

REAP community · Created a new topic Realm Questions

Have questions about a specific realm? Leave them here! 

**Be careful, there might be realm spoilers in this thread, so read at your own risk**

REAP community · Created a new topic General Questions

If you have general questions about the game, rules, or anything else REAP related, you can leave them here!

So glad to hear you're enjoying the game! 

That's correct, only fights reset on death/rest.

Good luck on the Grim Coast!

They are considered gone, as there are no other ways to earn them in the other realms. However, if you want to swap out or respec with some of the other starting equipment, I don't see any harm in trying it! You want to find that build that's the most fun for you before you dive deep.

To simplify the game

Automatically hits!

Ah! That was an error and should be fixed now 

Both should be available on my shop! DUSK Volume 1 and NOVA Dusk Denizens 

I have them at my home and haven't added them to the store yet! I'll add that to my list of things to get done this weekend.