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I'm so glad to hear you like the game, thank you for the kind words :)

Century Gothic

Oh oh, Ty once again coming in hot with great naming ideas

One of the publishers of Trophy is a lawyer, so that's not surprising haha.

Absolutely feel free to reference this post! I just want folks to feel free to make things without us getting bogged down with licensing and "legality" and all that nonsense that really fucks up some folks in the scene.

I don't think I'll be dealing with any licensing in the near future with it. I have no intention of taking "legal action" against anyone who makes LUMEN stuff lol. 

There are examples of other projects that use a permission format similar to what I did, Troika and Sledgehammer being two that immediately come to mind. I think that should be adequate for now, but will update it if necessary.

Thank you so much!

LUMEN community · Posted in NOVA?

Thanks for the kind words about LIGHT! NOVA is a project I'm currently working on. It is based on the rules I created for FRAME, a previous project that had to be cancelled unfortunately, but is being brought back as NOVA.

Quick pitch: NOVA is a novapunk game about characters wearing exosuits in a world wrapped in darkness after the sun explodes.

Hi! Glad to hear you're digging the SRD so far. As a rule of thumb that I use in my games so far, a point buy of 4 points during character creation is used for the Attributes. Every Attribute starts at 1, and then players can increase the Attributes however they want by spending 4 more points on them. Advancement lets them boost those up one more time in LIGHT, for example. Hope that helps!

Love the idea of a metroidvania game using LUMEN!

Thank you so much for your kind words!

I have a feeling I'm going to be super surprised with what folks come up with.

Hurray, I'm glad you're digging the SRD so far and that you found a jam before it ended!! 

Absolutely love that mentality of building something, being constructive. I hope we can all adopt that thinking!

Oh! If you download the core rules and look at the character sheets, you'll see a box for Cast and a spot to write down your armor. Those weren't in the original version of the game but were added based on some of the modules released with Spark!


Could you clarify what you mean by the Role Character Sheet updates? 

Hi! Do you mean getting FRAME?

FRAME is going to be "re-framed" into a different game, though that will take a bit of development time and will hopefully have something to share in the near future!

So glad to hear you like it!

LIGHT: Spark community · Created a new topic Forge

Questions, ideas, feedback, and all things related to the first module for Spark!

LIGHT: Spark community · Created a new topic Kindle

Questions, ideas, feedback, and all things related to the first module for Spark!

I will ONLY accept skills from Destiny or Warframe.

This is so cool Adam!

I initiated a payout over 30 days ago, and still have not received it. From what I've been seeing elsewhere, this seems to be a problem a lot of people are dealing with.

Can itch give us some kind of update? It's been completely silent on your end, and a lot of people are starting to wonder when they will get paid.

Wonderful! Thanks for your input in making it better!

No problem! I've just uploaded new versions of the files and hopefully they make a lot more sense!

Hi! The colors were kept to be consistent with the original class colors (red = Colossus, blue = Stalker, purple = Wych). Each page is dedicated to an element, starting with the Pyre classes, then the Volt, then the Nether. I'll add some clarifying titles to the classes!

Though I'm not sure I follow when you mention the Graviton consistently mentioning lightning.

Thank you! I am actually just about to release a new set of classes this morning as part of LIGHT: Spark, the first season of LIGHT modules. I'm adding 3 new elemental classes for each of the main classes.

Yeah, it's too early to say for sure one way or another. But a few folks have been asking about it, so I'll see what I can put together!

Ask and you shall receive! I've just uploaded two new files, single-pages and spread version of the combined rules and modules.

I'm still putting together a plan for that. My big dream is to compile everything from the seasons this year into a single book, but I may do printed editions of each season as well.

I don't have a basic rulebook or demo for the game, sorry!

Occasionally there are community copies available that you can download, but they have all been claimed right now.

I love this idea! I'm a big fan of Trophy Dark, and could definitely see using that as a general framework for incorporating a consistent theme that escalates through out the entire raid. 

This has got me brainstorming...great thinking!

So glad to hear it!

Depends on the Boon! Most are permanent, but some groups may prefer to have certain Boons from the factions to be one time use sort of things. Anything with giving stats, or Light, or Powers is permanent.

Glad you enjoy the game!

LIGHT Jam community · Created a new topic Brainstorming

Let's share some ideas of things, or help one another get those ideas on the page!

Haha I had been grappling with the same thing! It plagued me.

Glad to hear you like it!


I also want more ;)

Happy to help!

Hi! I would recommend checking out Rigged and Weaver, which are linked on the game page as two games that play together really nicely.

You might also check out The Wretched, the original game!

A game about hope in difficult times. 

A mask that soars above all others in comfort.

A must buy.

You absolutely should. And I'd be happy to forward on the actual research showing the MB to be a big pile of horseshit!

I know, right?


Thank you so much for your kind words and review! Absolutely made my day, glad to hear you enjoyed reading the game :)