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This game is incredible! I did a quick 5 minute overview for anyone wanting to learn more, but you should absolutely pick this one up!

I recorded a design commentary for anyone interested in learning more about the game!


1. The values on 42 and 71 are the same, both Heal 2. You might be looking at an older version of the PDF if they are not the same.

2. Two characters can occupy the same space, though the rule for dealing +1 Harm has been removed.

3. The sword no longer hits at Same range.

The videos were recorded with an early version of the rules, so you should look at the most recent PDF for the updated rules instead of the videos.

Thank you so much for the review and kind words!

GILA LAB community · Created a new topic NEST Discussion

Any questions, ideas, or thoughts about NEST can go here!

probably later this year!

You are free to make anything you want for the game! You do not need to worry about building on the "canonical" world of RUNE, and are encouraged to create your own things.

GILA LAB community · Created a new topic LOOT Discussion

If you have any thoughts, questions, or anything you want to share about LOOT, leave it here!

This will be addressed in the final version of the game.

You are worse at dealing Harm.

You choose the order of resolving the actions that a weapon  gives you.

You can reap all the components at end of a fight if you are adjacent to them. 

Because you assign all your dice, the spell is being cast, just not resolved yet. So anything you get from the scythe can be pumped into that spell you've assigned a die to. 

I don't have any plans to reprint them anytime soon.

It's definitely something you design on a game by game basis, or based on the group! If your group prefers low lethality and they want that maximum badass feeling for every fight, refilling them to full for a fight works great.


1. You can absolutely just make an attack with an enemy during the GM Turn.

2. Part of the game is that resource management, so I shy away from the idea of starting at being fully restored for each fight. In LIGHT, I write about the idea of including "Wells" which are recharging stations sprinkled throughout a mission, but they are limited in number and effectiveness. You can certainly increase the amount of recovery, but generally I think that takes away from some of the tension of maintaining those resources across a session.

You've got it right, diagonal counts for Range 2!

The intent was option 2, but I totally see going back to finish off the skeletons as a thing you'd want to do!

So glad your enjoying it!

For powers, no rolling, they just happen when you spend the light!

Thank you very much!

The LUMEN 2.0 framework hasn't been formally written up yet. I'm still working on it as I make these games using it, until I feel like I have a good grasp on what I want it to be.

I did a flip through of this game on stream, and it is so dang cool!

Well, you need to know how the game works in order to make something for you probably need to own the game. 

Thank you so much!

It doesn't exist yet, but it will be more of a "here are the changes from LUMEN" sort of thing instead of a brand new creator kit. 

It will work under the assumption you know how LUMEN works. 

Thank you so much for the kind words! I'm really glad you've enjoyed what you've read.

There isn't a way to generate random realms because the realms are very intentionally designed. There will be more released in the future!

Hello again! My intent with it is that you do not need line of sight, as you are erupting flames all around you and wouldn't need direct line of sight to have that sort of effect.

I generally play that it replaces the previous one, otherwise it starts to get into a pretty nasty death spiral!

Well dang, a kumada1 review! Thank you very much for leaving this!

Glad you like it!

My gut says it doesn't count, but I gotta think on that!

I'm so glad you like it!

Thank you so much, that means a lot coming from the Drakes :)

Would love to hear what your experiences are like playing it if you get a chance!

Answers to all your questions.

1. They are the Wyrm in that situation.

2. Militia can revive any point.

3. There is no range because there is no Harm.

4. 5 is also A&D

5. That is correct.

Awesome! I hope you have tons of fun!

The deadeye has been updated to work with 1.5, but the doctor has not

1. Writher doesn't place one in a space that already has a pod.

2. Like you mentioned, you don't have to assign dice. If you can't hurt anyone with the spell, or the crown's effect wouldn't be triggered because you aren't dealing  harm, then you don't suffer the negative consequences. You apply the effect once per round.


1. The intent is that the Ghoul cannot go above its maximum health.

2. This would take place in step 2.

A. That's correct, it can't give you +2 Harm if you aren't dealing some sort of Harm to begin with.

B. That one is more open to your interpretation. I can see reading it either way, boosting or not boosting the Cleave damage. Personally, I would read it as only boosting the primary harm of the weapon, and the Cleave effect is still just 1 to the adjacent enemies. But! I can also see a cool reading where the red crown fills you with rage and your Cleave is extra potent. I leave it in your hands to interpret it the way you'd like!

You should add the text and image to your thing as well.


You don't have to select your starting equipment randomly, unless that's what you wanted to do.

After that, you pick which realm you want to explore first. I recommend the Grim Coast included in the book. From there, read the opening pages of the realm. It will teach the realm's rules and anything you need to know. When you're ready to start, you start at Point 1 on the map, and are in exploration mode. You can move between connected points, completing actions, until you do a fight and go into combat mode. Do that again and again until you kill the rune lord!

Hey! Shoot me an email at gilarpgs at gmail dot com and I'll get you a PDF key!