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I think I won by glitch haha. My citizen wealth was at -34 and then it said I won the game and then it started printing out variables declarations (var GOALS_LIST = [...];) I have no idea how to win! I got them up to $7 but then they plunged into poverty quickly. Oh well. This was fun and it touched on some interesting ideas about the theme. Thanks!

Very lost on this one. Haven't explored a lot of table top gaming unfortunately so reading through the instructions I felt like I was missing a lot. Nonetheless I can tell it's very well-considered, that it could be something that, in a more complete version, with some investment on my part, could be quite interesting.

Been a while since I played a VN! I loved the painted backgrounds - would have been great if there were more (several were missing). A couple of times the menu options were only readable when moused-over, the FG and BG were too similar (I think) to read until highlighted, and in one of the longer text boxes the text ran off the screen.

Awesome to see a mac version of an executable - that has prevented me from playing a few of the submissions unfortunately.

It seemed a bit loose on the theme. But it was philosophy at least.

Just one note! It doesn't work in Firefox. I get a security error while loading. Chrome doesn't complain about security. *shrug*

But thanks for this! I enjoyed playing through several times to see the various outcomes, all for that final screen that kept digging at me: but did it really matter what you chose?

I can't get over the art style: the combination of effects makes it so endearing and bizarre. Pefect execution of the theme. Loved it~

I liked the writing! I also liked how, even though the dialogue did run slow, overall the experience was very brisk. The UI was very gentle and meditative too, which I thought was nice for the game.

Absolutely unplayable at this time, but thanks for taking a look anyway :)

Sorry I didn't point out the lack of audio!

Yeah the settings are a huge bummer to me. I was racing to get that in under the wire so players could tweak timing and controls to make it easier/harder based on their desired experience.

From menus to animations it's all just HTML and CSS. For scripting logic, timing and input, I used Elm which is a compiled-to-javascript functional language/framework. I shared the source on discord if you'd like to take a peak.

Thanks for all your feedback. Sorry for the frustration but there is no audio.

A rhythm game with no audio - how bold, how daring, such innovation!

No, I just didn't prioritize my time between animation and audio well and the latter was sacrificed entirely for the deadline. I hope this didn't cause too much annoyance.