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This is really cool! 

It's a super brute force thing, because I never want to mess with using external services.  I just have a massive array of words based on a list I found years ago.  I've attached the array (dictionary.js) to the project as a downloadable file if you're interested.

This is really nice!  Super cohesive.

This is really fantastic!  Tons of potential.

Really nice work!  I can't wait to see the finished version.

Neat concept, cool aesthetic!

Fun central gameplay, and I really like the way it looks!  It might be nice to get a little cosmetic feedback on what hitting the spacebar was doing, since the firewall has so much inertia.  And I'll second what others have said about the game over delay -- I wanna play again quickly!

Very cool, very polished!  The die-in-one-hit restriction really spikes the difficulty!  :)

This is neat -- has a ton of potential!

Ah, I see.  I downloaded it from the submission page so I never saw the description.

This is cool!  I like the destructible environment and my shots leaving marks on the walls.

I can't really tell what's causing the game to end, though -- what is the lose condition?

This is really neat.  The transition from offensive to defensive play when you find the [router?] is very challenging and satisfying.

Dang, this is super cool!

Really excellent work!

Super cohesive and cute.  Awesome explosions!

I added a bit to try to prevent this and republished it.  Give it a shot now?

I have to admit to half-assing the "die in one hit" limitation since this game doesn't really have enemies that can be defeated.  I did add the advertisements based on that limitation, and you do technically kill them with a single action, so...  

My DMs are open on Twitter.

This is delightful.

Short, sweet and satisfying.  Nice work!

Very cool spaceship.

This is cool.  I beat up so many Roy Orbisons!

Good stuff!

This is such a neat idea.  It reminds me of the old non-graphical versions of Oregon Trail where you hunted by typing words quickly.

Ah, I see.  The clickable areas didn't match up with the gray boxes when it's running in full-screen.   Windowed seems fine though.  Thank you!

Hmm, what are the controls for the title screen?  I couldn't get it to accept any input.

Very cool -- my brain is bent.

This is a cute gameplay conceit, and really stylishly executed.  Nice work!

Hey there!  I wasn't able to get this to run -- is it meant to be packaged into a ZIP file or something?

Really clever idea!

What a fantastic-looking thing!

Pretty good!

I made it to the end and chose to have a fun time.

Hmm, when I run the setup BAT I can see it creating a bunch of files, but then they all get immediately deleted.  Is there a trick I'm missing?

This has a ton of potential!

That one worked!  Thanks for the fix!

Just uploaded a new version that asks for confirmation to exit when you hit Escape.

Windows Defender really doesn't want this game to run.

Yep, that did the trick!

This won't run for me -- reports a missing DLL, libgcc something something.