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Another patch, figured out the other broken level 3 card and switch that lich 3 to a 5.  Thanks for the QA!

Ah, good catch.  The teen vampire was thirsty for blodd instead of blood.  That's fixed now, and we also no longer need to talk about Kevin.

The speed/visibility tradeoff is really clever.

This is fun!

Neat premise and good execution!

Oh, sorry, I only looked at it from the jam page so I didn't see that!  Love the game, by the way.  It's one of those ideas that's so clear and so good that it's kind of astonishing that nobody has done it before.

Just FYI, Windows 10's built-in antivirus thinks that the post-jam version has a virus in it.

Oh, huh, thank you!  All I'm storing is character unlocks and high scores across sessions.  Do you happen to know if there's a way to do this that won't trigger this?

This is a cool and novel idea!

Haha, this is great!

This is cool!  The attack / dizziness mechanic is really novel and interesting.

This is cool!  It kept delivering new surprises.

This is fun!  Really tricky to wrap your head around. :)

Ah, thank you!  I intended to mention Gestalt_OS in the postmortem, but I couldn't remember what it was called or who made it.  Also thanks for all the feedback!

Love the atmosphere, and the on-defeat jump scare absolutely nailed me. :)

Great concept and nice execution!

Very creepy and unnerving!

This is neat!  The dynamic camera adds a lot of drama.

Is there some reason this jam isn't showing up on itch's calendar thing?  It's also not in the "starting soon" view -- maybe there's some public switch that needs to be flipped?

This was a blast!  Incredible polish and completeness for a weekend jam.  Well done!

This is really cool.  I love the atmosphere and the music.

This is super atmospheric and spooky!

This is a LOT of game for a weekend jam!  You really mean bismuth!

This is neat!  It evokes the feeling of an Atari 2600 game.

Impressively creepy, and I like the art a lot!

Short and sweet!  Very cool.

This is really cool!  The characters felt really distinct.

Nicely done.  I want a hat like that in real life.

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Good atmosphere, and I really like the multiple-lives-in-the-same-space concept!

Cool concept!  I really like this take on the single-room requirement.

Super cool!  It has inspired me to try to find a ham-shaped diamond on ebay.

This is really cool.  Tons of content!

This is a remarkably complete experience for a weekend jam!  Well done!

This is great!  Cute concept, funny writing, and I love that each of the bars has a unique mechanic.

I did wish there was an easy way to restart after the game ended, though -- would've made it easier to chase all the endings. :)

This is neat!  The combination of memory-testing and the balance of passenger speed vs. how long the trains stuck around made it tense in a fun way.

This is really cool!  I like how the level design creates a kind of natural checkpointing as you hit the switches, and I love that there's an opening cut scene. :)

This is really cool!  I was delighted by how big and varied the map is.

Pretty great!  I can't stop thinking about that statue.

This is pretty great!