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A Midclubber Night's DreamView game page

Groove to the beat in an underground nightclub
Submitted by Jon Topielski (@jontopielski), Thoof (@Thoof4) — 3 minutes, 37 seconds before the deadline
Rated by 14 people so far
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Team members
3. Design & Programming : Jon Topielski ( Music : Beardy ( ( Art : Thoof (

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This was a blast!  Incredible polish and completeness for a weekend jam.  Well done!


I really enjoy this! very rare that a rhythm game submitted in a jam like this. The arts, animations, sounds, animation, mechanics are very good also it makes engagement to the player to play more and more. It would be cool to see a story, more difficulty, etc. Overall it's a great unique game!


Wow! Slick interface, good music, and feeling of the characters really comes through in their songs and animations. My only complaint is that the difficulty really spikes up on the robot battle - took me 10+ tries while the other fights took one. 

It's also really clever how the final screen shows that everything still took place in one room, while giving you a little "I Spy" experience trying to find all the characters.

Very nice art!


One of the best games I tried so far. The boulder was hard to beat.
After losing some match sometimes the girl won't be able to move or talk with others.

I replayed the game like 4 times because of that but I enjoyed the game.


I'll look into that issue. Thank you for letting me know!


Very nice!
The art is awesome, and I loved the way you have to select the levels.

Sadly i am awful at rhythm games.

Good job!


It was really fun! The art and music was really fun. The only thing is that I think the robot level has a big change in difficulty compared to the previous one. Beside that, it was well made!

Love it.


Wow, this is such a cool game! The graphics are very nice and the game is very intuitive but also gives quite a challenge. I wish there was a score system to see how well I did, and maybe you could add something special for full combos. Still, this game was a lot of fun! Good job!


I love the characters. It’s my first time dancing with a bunny. The core game mechanic is fun, too.

I wish it got a grade on my rhythm after the dance, so I have a reason to go back and do the same dance again.

Overall, great work though.