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Hope that there'll be an english version of this!

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I wish I could rate this game more than 5 stars because this game definitely deserves ALL of the stars and awards>o<

Heyyyaaaaa just a girl who wants to play games, signed up because she saw some 100% off games 0w0

Fellow comrade o7

in all srsness, capitalism makes things harder for not just gamedevs, but everyone as well

I wish there was mroe focus on creativity than profit itself... Annnddd I'm gonna stop there before someone starts a political debate 0w0

I can see potential in this game. It reminds me of those games where they're well thought out and there's like a hidden story waiting to played, that is when the dev makes it :p

but tbh this game reminds me of the first Ace Attorney game and many games where you can tell it was "high quality" and very original very niceeeee *ok sign*

Can't wait for more games from you!

This is pretty creative! :O

This forum really needs something like a flair in Reddit where when you click on it, you get the desired threads and also needs something like "Recently updated, most viewed" etc so that I don't have to click "Next page" to get where I want to. Also is the search bar for in here also searches forum threads or it is just for games and creators only? 

Cute! But you should add more details in the game jam summary like this: "

Doesn't have to be long, just saying what you want and expect from devs and other details such as if they're allowed to put a price on their submissions etc.

I would submit a game but I don't know how to make a game :\ 
Good luck tho!

HTML5 and other Web based games are much more convenient to play instead of downloading. When I want to play a quick good game, I look for Web based or HTML5 games.

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Originally was in the stickied Forum feedback thread, which was about the forum not the site, I decided to make a new thread and paste it here:

Would be great if when I press the "+" symbol twice on the tags it would turn into the "-" symbol meaning "exclude games of this genre, category, OS etc."  Right now, I don't want to play Twine games right now nor having to click on what I thought was a VN turns out to be a Twine game. No offense, but right now, I want pictures, not just text... 

Also suggestion to make searching and looking for certain game jams (esp. older ones) made easier. The whole UI and layout is confusing and I don't know where the heck I'm going. Please make your game jams archive easier to navigate and use.