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Dogs rule, dogs drool.

This jam is pretty self-explanatory, we want dog games. While specifically  seeking games inspired by or somehow involving dogs, you can also get as out-there as you want, maybe designing a game that you play with a dog, a game that is exclusively for dogs to play, or collaborating on writing your project with a dog. The world is your bone.

Submissions are open for one month: April 20th to May 20th 2019

This game jam is intended for analog games (card/board/ttrpg/larp). Length, file format, and layout are up to you. If you are compelled to write an epic 100+ page game about your dog, go for it, but we expect most submission to be less than 10 pages. If you decide to make a nice layout with graphics and colors, that rules! We encourage you to offer a printer-friendly/colorblind/grayscale version of the file as well.

If you decide to charge a minimum price for your game, you are encouraged (but not forced!) to donate a portion to a local animal shelter, dog rescue, or other dog-focused nonprofit. Donating to smaller causes in your local area as opposed to nationwide organizations, even small amounts, can make a much bigger impact and you may even get to interact with some neat animals in the process.

This game is meant to be as inclusive as possible and will not tolerate any instances of racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, ableism, or other related material. Similarly, this jam is being made by & for animal lovers, so no instances of animal abuse or malicious neglect will be permitted.

This jam was organized by Adam Vass ( and Aaron King (

This spring, Adam's dog Dude required an expensive surgery, a femoral head osteotomy, which was the jumpstart of this jam. His good boy picture is shown in the cover image above, but here's another for good measure: 

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