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Is it Windows Defender giving you this warning? I’d recommend just disabling it so you can download the file, also using a different browser might help such as firefox:

Search what? Virus scan? I know what a virus scan is but I don’t see how this applies to extracting a rar archive.

What virus scan?

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Download 7-zip, once it’s installed right click the folder, hover over the 7-zip context menu option, and then open archive.

Um, no, emulators are 100% legal. What is illegal is distributing paid software/content for free or without explicit permission from the owner.

its always annoying having to hard code your paths lol

I agree with the animation bit, they should add a keyframing editor.

exactly lmao

This is a good point.


Also if you’re trying to get the x and y coordinates, they are simply this.x and this.y

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Of course! :D So there are a couple factors here such as where you set the attributes on the types/copies, and in what order the code you’re trying to access this type from and the code for the type are being executed in. I’d recommend checking out some of the example projects provided with ct.js, they have a lot of usage cases similar to what you’re trying to do here; you can find them in the examples folder where you installed ct.js.

Best of luck!

(If this wasn’t enough of an explanation, get back to me cuz I’m currently very tired right now and don’t feel like im very good at explaining things lol)

You can get a list of all types to reference from someplace else with ct.types.list

Damn that’s kinky, nothing gets me harder than a chick who uses Ubuntu to power her vibrator.

I would love to play this game, only if the controls weren’t completely broken.

Is there a way for people to help out with the project?

Glad you enjoyed! Ty for playing :)

No shit you can find crack almost anywhere downtown if you ask around.

Thank you for the review! We will definitely look into keeping the screen shakes to a minimal in upcoming versions!

~ Splushy

FL is not free.

Definitely check out LMMS, it comes with some default plugins for making retro-styled tracks.

Alright cool, I was just a bit confused because of this post:

Does this mean I can't use non-unit based movement in my game?

Ah well then, that explains why marshmallows make me sick.

So I've imported a custom font but I'm unsure of how to actually use it in my code?

Here's mine: Splushy#7181

Actually it says "An error occurred during installation operation not supported"

Well I'm installing to a folder inside my home directory which I have full permissions to access. I've tried changing the install location multiple times but to no avail.

Heya, I'm looking for a pixel art artist for a small retro-styled dungeoneering game. Care to help me out with a few textures?

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I'm on Linux Mint 20, I installed the itchio app, specified an installation folder in my home folder, but I get an error saying "An error occurred during installation operation not permitted." when I try to install a game. Can someone tell me what's wrong?