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FunEmuStation Launcher

A simple but elegant launcher for emulators and pc games · By Danny Garay

Aren't Emulators illegal?

A topic by CyanSpaghetti created 92 days ago Views: 196 Replies: 3
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Also is this an installer or just like a sorter for them?


This program is just a direct access for emulators downloaded on your pc


Emulators are 100% legal as long as they don't include any unlicensed code from the console manufacturers. This is why emulator authors will tell you to find the system BIOS elsewhere if it's required. ROMs are a different story and the legality of owning them changes depending on the country you're in.

Um, no, emulators are 100% legal. What is illegal is distributing paid software/content for free or without explicit permission from the owner.