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thank you very much for the comment! this problem has already been reported and will be fixed in the final version. I have been told that some people just hit the "skip" button to skip the dialogs quickly. (in the final version will have many cats)

thanks for the comment, this problem has been reported and will be fixed in the final version. I have been told that some people just hit the "skip" button to skip the dialogs quickly.

I am more interested in the enemies separately (for example that minotaur I would like to acquire it).

on itchio only demos are available for apk. Send me an email at And I will give you a playstore key to get the game on Android 

gracias! si, de hecho dejé disponible el codigo fuente a quien le interese hacer juegos similares: dannygaray60/club_de_detectives_01 (

I started the project 3 years ago, working full time on my game, I work alone (but the music is made by another people)

RetroArch is the best (but complex) option

thank you!!! <3

sure <3

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nice! Thanks. Is a very cool tool, I will save it for a future game!

in a whiteboard file where there are at least 20 images added, at that point it starts to confuse the files, causing one image to be replaced by another. Sometimes when dragging a new image, it is not uploaded to the appdata folder, so when reopening the whiteboard the image is replaced with another existing one.

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nice asset! thanks for your work! but there are some missing tiles in the zip file: (edit: I found only on aseprite file xD)

On playstore:

thank you! yeah, i will improve the alchemy tutorial for final release :D. and about cave darkness, well, there is a light spell for that

thank you! On june 19 will have a new demo!

hello, thanks! you can download the repo from github (login is not required) and edit the csv files, then you can send me a zip to my email:

A file with screenshots, videos, images, all the visual material necessary for reviewers, youutbers, streamers etc

thank you! at the moment no, i'm focused working on my game made with godot 3

Hehehe thank you!!! :3

Sure, in the next update (march probably) i will upload the apk directly

I see, I don't understand why that happens. I have sent you an email with a key that should enable all the files. Thanks for reporting the problem.

I have checked, and the Paid version is available for windows. 

Is a nice plugin! I'm using it for my metroidvania game! as an rpg, this plugin means an important pillar of my game

muchas gracias por tu paciencia y seguimiento!!!

gracias :3333

hello! Dracula's Revenge is the first game (chronologically) the sequel is this, order of the alchemists. This sequel is still in development and is planned to be released on November 2023. The game will be released on steam, playstore and itchio of course. :)

I love it! Thanks! I'm using your pixelart for my Steam games <3


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Thank you very much for playing! <3 Remember that this was only the demo of the 1st version. It is still under development with many, many changes and improvements! You can follow the development of the game on Facebook, twitter and discord (check credits screen on game)

Desde aquí puedes leer todos los cambios hechos en las actualizaciones del juego completo: Toziuha Night: Dracula's Revenge - Centro de noticias de Steam (

muchas gracias por tus opiniones, la versión demo está desactualizada y varias mejoras han sido implementadas en la versión completa del juego, saludos!

thank you! the game is still in development!

sorry about that, but it shouldn't happen. try downloading it from google playstore 

Muchas gracias! Recuerda que esto es una demo, y el juego final será mejorado en muchos aspectos! No conozco GMS, solo uso Godot Engine para hacer juegos.

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Yes, it is possible to switch from OpenGL-2 to OpenGL-3 or vice versa. But it may cause some errors (most of them are always in 3D).

In fact I have uploaded a video talking about the OpenGL version change and what problems it can bring.


nicenicenice nicenicenice I will share it in development groups !

thank you! I'm using "Godot Engine" to make my games :3

thank you very much, I hope it will be solved soon, I am also a game developer and I will not release my game until this problem is solved.

I would give more information but that's all I know, the paypal pay button has disappeared and as far as I see it is a general problem, I hope it will be solved soon because in my experience, people prefer to pay with paypal in itchio and that affects developers and buyers.

I don't know what has happened, until today I noticed it. I had been able to buy assets in the store using paypal but today I found that it is no longer possible, only the card option appears, what happened? I can no longer buy anything in this store with paypal!!!?