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Desde aquí puedes leer todos los cambios hechos en las actualizaciones del juego completo: Toziuha Night: Dracula's Revenge - Centro de noticias de Steam (

muchas gracias por tus opiniones, la versión demo está desactualizada y varias mejoras han sido implementadas en la versión completa del juego, saludos!

thank you! the game is still in development!

sorry about that, but it shouldn't happen. try downloading it from google playstore 

Muchas gracias! Recuerda que esto es una demo, y el juego final será mejorado en muchos aspectos! No conozco GMS, solo uso Godot Engine para hacer juegos.

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Yes, it is possible to switch from OpenGL-2 to OpenGL-3 or vice versa. But it may cause some errors (most of them are always in 3D).

In fact I have uploaded a video talking about the OpenGL version change and what problems it can bring.


nicenicenice nicenicenice I will share it in development groups !

thank you! I'm using "Godot Engine" to make my games :3

thank you very much, I hope it will be solved soon, I am also a game developer and I will not release my game until this problem is solved.

I would give more information but that's all I know, the paypal pay button has disappeared and as far as I see it is a general problem, I hope it will be solved soon because in my experience, people prefer to pay with paypal in itchio and that affects developers and buyers.

I don't know what has happened, until today I noticed it. I had been able to buy assets in the store using paypal but today I found that it is no longer possible, only the card option appears, what happened? I can no longer buy anything in this store with paypal!!!?

thank you very much for your comment! On Monday March 23rd the first part of the game will be released on Steam and will be a short classicvania, and the money from the sale will go to continue funding this metroidvania! Follow the game's social networks so you don't miss it!

As far as I can see, it's a bug in the game engine I used to make this launcher. So I won't be able to fix it, but I will notify the engine developers. First make sure you are using the latest version of the launcher, if so please comment which operating system you are using, the version of the operating system, the amount of ram, what is your graphics card and processor.

muchas gracias :3

thank you for your comment i will take note about it

thank you! the achiviements will be implemented on the latest phase of development :3

yep, that could be the idea

hola, la página de steam de la primera parte de toziuha Night saldrá pronto, daré el aviso en discord, Facebook, twitter cuando llegue el momento n.n

sorry but I don't like farm.

And yes, The main weapon is Whip, although I'm thinking could make several whips with different properties

Excelent work! A time ago I bought one of your assets packs, I'm very happy, but I have some problems making autotiling for game engine (godot) how you tiled your mockups?

Gracias por tu comentario :3

Thank you for your post. Yeah, I would like to make the android version.

But running games on android is very different than on pc.

So it will take a long time to learn more how to make it work.

Thank you, i will take a look at how to use butler!

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Thank you for trying. I have investigated and apparently it is a security lockout: Since macOS 10.8, Apple requires applications to be signed before they can be run. However, code signing is a paid process (costing a $99/year subscription, and more if you also want to publish to the Mac App Store). So I cant do more, i'm poor dev xD more info about this problem (and how bypass) here: Disable Gatekeeper on macOS Catalina (10.15) (

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you extracted the zip file? I uploaded an alternative file

I discovered your work thanks your free assets and now I can buy this bundle. Thanks <3

Thank you for your comment, this will help me a lot to improve the game :D

nice <3 :3 thanks!!

hahahah dejen de romper el juego xDDDDDD estará anotado que haya dos endings en otra version

Thank you!!! I'm happy that you liked the game. I made this for a game jam (Game-making contest in a short time) so it's a short game. But yes, you have perfectly understood what I wanted to show. Thanks for playing!!! <3

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Muchas gracias!!! De verdad quería un comentario tuyo ya que estabas en todos lados jejejej 

Igual hice un par de cosas en pixelart como los bloques destructibles, el cohete, los botones y los pinchos :'u

si jajaj perdon se me olvidó xD pensé que aquí también me saldría mi juego como cuando se comenta en las páginas de entregas

A. mí pleaseee

HI! You can send me email to :

En el momento que me dijeron "este juego lo compraría" pues sí xD

Thank you for your comment and video!!! <3

Esta bien cute el personaje de la jirafa  y el arte en general <3

ve al cohete con la rosada capaz haya algo