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Thanks!  It's really cool how you explain everything from the ground up without getting too complicated the way you did - great tut!  But you might want to mention that two-functions thing explicitly for all of us total noobs reading your post.

You refer to a 'vertex shader' and 'fragment shader' but we only appear to be editing a single shader.  What am I missing?

Surely.  The whole idea is to just count what you need to see/play the game in the Godot editor.  It's a shame dependancies and project files make it so complicated, but I think no one will call foul for anyone being over 2MB if they are over by an amount less than the girth of the cruft.   ;-)


 I meant to say you can delete the .import file for your size count, since Godot makes those and will re-create them from the source files (ie. .dea files) at project load.

Note: this is stated correctly in the Jam Description, just not so much so here in this early post.

Maybe he likes to prototype his Godot projects in Unity?   ;-)

Edsger W. Dijkstra is surely going to hate this one ...

That's a good question.   A README with instructions, notes, attributions, etc. seems like a logical thing to include with the projects.  And since the REAMME isn't project data, it shouldn't count.  Let's do it - I'll add a README to the short list of items not included in the sizing.

We have our fist submission!

No matter how many millions of submissions the Challenge receives in years to come, there will always be just one FIRST submission!    ;-)

Be sure to check it (and the millions more to come) in the submission feed at!

We're at 50 participants - a milestone!

Way to go, Godot community!

Be sure and send those screenshoots along here in the Challenge message board!

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I never lie.  

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Holy frijoles!

I can't wait to see what you do with this!  So cool!



Oh well, we're back to Plan A:  Everyone can just deduct the size of their .mono folders and .import folders.  

Kinda complicated but easy enough to do.

Thanks for the insights, kakoeimon and davidoc!

Sounds interesting!    Simple and logical!

Would this eliminate the add-on MB's from the .mono and .import folders?  And anything else that isn't dev-data?

That's a good point!

I've  added an entry to the Not-So-Fine Print allowing participants to deduct the size of their .import folders.


Great idea!

Voting adding!  

With the following categories:

  •   Overall
  • Under 2MB Limit
  • Originality and Creativity
  • Coding
  • Control
  •  Aesthetics (Graphics, Sound, Environment)

Throw that screenshot up on the wall and see if it sticks!

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I figured for the first run at least, we should keep it wide open.  

Don't want to scare anyone away ... yet.    ;-)

But, you make a good point, we should probably gas it up with themes after this one.

And so, it shall be.     ;-)

Mon devs simply subtract the size of their 'mono' folder.

And that folder is exactly 4.3MB?  I wonder if it's the same size on Mac/Win/Linux?

If all of the Mono add-ons are inside a single folder, we could just deduct the size of that folder.

Dang, I honestly never though of that - I'm a GDScript junkie.   ;-)  

I would think we need to accommodate Mono devs for sure.  

Do you know how exactly how many megabytes of data the Mono libraries add - is it 4.3MB?  If so, I'd say go ahead and develop - we need you!  I'll add a note to the jam addressing this too.

Thanks for the heads up!

Ah, that might be it!  Thanks!

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Tip: If you import a 3D mesh (ie. from Blender), you need not include the 3D app files (ie. .blend, .dae) in your submitted project - just the .import file.

Let's share our tips and questions for optimizing project size here - 2MB of project data adds up fast!

Thanks in advance for all of your great suggestions for improving the Challenge!


I created a game jam earlier today ( but it doesn't appear in searches or on the calendar.

Godot + You + 2MB = GAME