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Godot is amazing!  

But is it amazing enough that you can make a fun and playable game in it using just 2MB of project data?

That's what this jam intends to prove!

This is a 'constrained development' jam, where the only limit placed on you is how large your un-built project can be.  While you are limited to 2MB of data, you are free to use as many scenes, nodes, shaders, scripts, meshes, images, sounds, and so on that your heart desires - just keep it all under 2MB.   Your project need only run in the Godot editor and need not be optimized for any particular target platform. 

The Challenge was inspired by the very cool 'BASIC 10-liners' contest (see it here) where devs create a playable game in only 10 lines of old school BASIC code on old-school home computers like the C64, BBC Micro and Atari 800.

2MB may not sound like much, but in Godot, it's enough to do some pretty amazing things!

Be sure to tweet screenshots of your work during the Challenge to the official Challenge account on TWITTER.  You can also discuss the Challenge on DISCORD.

The Godot 2MB Challenge will be held regularly with a short break between runs.  Stick around - future Challenges will add themes and prizes!

The Not-So-Fine Print ...

  • Projects cannot download anything
  • You may deduct the size of your project's .mono and .import folders from its total size
  • Submit your project by uploading it here, along with a screenshot 
  • By uploading your project, you grant its addition to the Challenge Github repository under the MIT license

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