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If all of the Mono add-ons are inside a single folder, we could just deduct the size of that folder.


all is under .mono, yes, well separated :)

And that folder is exactly 4.3MB?  I wonder if it's the same size on Mac/Win/Linux?

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Instead of measuring exact size of .mono, I would just subtract .mono's size in bytes from the whole size at the end. If it's less then 2MB, we're good to go. I would do this way, because .mono's content may vary depending on the version of Godot.

So when I'll submit my project, I'll provide a size information with and without .mono. One may validate it.

And so, it shall be.     ;-)

Mon devs simply subtract the size of their 'mono' folder.


Cool! OFF: Why youd didnt pick a theme?

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I figured for the first run at least, we should keep it wide open.  

Don't want to scare anyone away ... yet.    ;-)

But, you make a good point, we should probably gas it up with themes after this one.