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Its really just details, like the start screen and the tutorial presentation. The lantern mechanics/jump and the art are really nice. It could make a good full game maybe like a metroidvania complete story. Really great job!

Like the grimy palette and the simple and nice gameplay ! Good game experience.

Cool platformer! Simple and efficient. Good work!

Love the pixel art and the intro cutscene is very cool. Cool puzzles!

A nice entry ! GG

Great music and lovely cat ;) simple and fun gameplay. Good entry overall!

Some nice ideas and cool vector art! Good job!

Lack a bit of sound but a cool game ! simple but well done. Nice one!

Remind me or Elasto Mania back in the 2000ish :p ! thx for the time travel. Nice entry!

Like the physics and gravity part! remind me of old school space sims. Cool entry!

Great pixel art! controls feel good and a nice overall experience. GG!

Nice entry! Love the minimalist 3d style, it fit well with the required limitation. Nice one!

Cool game. Nice dead effect and piano chords. Simple but efficient! Nice one.

Very cool game concept! like the alignments idea. Good job!

Thanx much !! 

Original experience! Like the simple but rewarding gameplay and the music is pretty chill.i Nice entry!

Very cool mechanic with the lantern and different jumps. Like the pixel art. Tutorial fonts should have stand out more but overall a very cool experience! nice entry!

Fun game! incremental upgrades make the difficulty ramping well! good job ;)


Will try to be more original for the next jam ! ;)

Thanks much for your constructive comment!

Totally agree about the problem with difficulty, didn't have the time to playtest enough. Items prices, difficulty and money is not balanced. First i planned to had a boss after like 5 or 10 minutes but i didnt manage to make it in time. Also balancing economy/items is much longer than i though! Thx again for your comment! 

very original and nice hand drawn art! nice entry!

Fun game! maybe the score font could be brighter cause can't see it very well.

Good job! ;)

Very cool and original game design! good job

Thx!!! and good job on the jam ;)

Thanks ! ;)

Yes, i reported it in a development log . Will fix it after the jam ! thx

I didn't playtest enough so difficulty balance might not be so good. Also will had sound effects after the jam. Thank you for advices.

Yes, i'll had 8bit sound effects ! thank you for the comment.

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it ;)

Thx! I learned a lot from this jam !

Cool game! the artstyle is pretty consistent!

Thanks ! If you toggle full screen i think it is big enough. But you are the second person saying the font is not so readable, so i'll try to had a way to change it after the jam !

Was playing Dungeon! on my father old Apple II when i was a kid. Best memories! Thx for the comment.

Thank you ! I like roguelikes too !

Did not have time to make music. Think it also keep the "old school" vibe but i might had some 8 bit sound effects after the jam! Very happy that you had fun !!! =)

Thanks much ! I'm glad you like it !

I used an atari font cause i like it, but you are right, it is not so readable. I will try to add an option to choose font after the jam . Thank you !

Thanks! As i just noticed, dont use "h" letter in your player name... or you will be stuck in the help menu ...

Thank you! the dungeons, enemies and loots are randomly generated. The more luck stat you have, the more loots you get !

Thank you! ;)

Thanks much for this positive comment!
"the difficulty affected things in-game like enemy health or bullet speed, or the game is reliant on player mistakes?" 

The level change the general bullets speed. The boss also change: 1 bullet spawned per level, a faster rotation speed and a health bonus. The number of little "mines" also increase at each level. If u manage to go after level 10 it is getting really hard.. :p but you can still improve your score by avoiding bullets (100 points for each bullet you avoid).

the scoring system:

Boss: 250 pts

Robot: 99 pts

Laser: 50 pts

Turret: 50 pts

Mine: 25 pts

Avoid Bullet: 100 pts