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This is great! The character animations are awesome



I honestly don’t know, it’s just on WebGL/HTML5 and idk how that translates to bits. 

Great ideas, I was on the fence about biting eggs, but think you’re right about only having it on the large eggs. 

I’ll have to think about a more interesting teleporter mechanism. I did want to have it require a key to encourage exploration and open up the levels a bit. 

Thanks for staying engaged!

All good! Just wanted to let you know

Damn. I was going to say Hi second.

This should come out of hiatus and get gravity shifting in between jumps, and more levels and enemies! Did you get inspo for this from another game?

This is awesome! I had an issue on levels 4 and 5 where I couldn't buy towers? Maybe it was an unlockable thing.

I like the wheel-seed mechanic! with more enemies and obstacles to jump over, it could be a really fun time killer.

I'm not sure if it's my Chrome browser, but it's not starting for me after I hit Run Game.

These visual are so good! I love the particle effects. It's really satisfying to get that auto click power-up

Good stuff! I’ll be sure to check it out

Cool concept!

Maybe make the controls and shooting more responsive? And adding a list of controls in the description would help.

What a lovely game! I love the art and discovering new things to interact with. 

WOw this is intense! I didn't get close to killing the dinosaur once. Could you make the charge shot quicker, dino slower, and auto aim towards the dino?

I shot arrows in the wrong direction a few times. I love the concept!

Thank you for the kind comment!

The jittering tiles are a big issue. I think I have to tinker with the camera to fix it but it might take a few days to get it right. I might also be able to fix the awkward movements with the camera settings.

Definitely a jump animation.

I coded hazards and a simple life system into the game, but got sidetracked. 

The eggs are an inside joke with me and my partner and I thought it was a funny food lol. I also wanted to add dinosaurs as enemies.

Stay tuned for future updates :)

Fun game! he music and visuals are great, and the suspense of making a jump is intense.

fun! I got 1553. maybe give a little more instruction on the powerups or corner toast shots.

I 2nd the desire for a Unity pack! I'll follow you and look forward to more packs.