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11)  Pressing T without a long range weapon equipped, resulted in a crash. Happened in the passage to the  hidden temple. BugSplat report has been sent.

Yes! I've found it! And also another Bug. ;) 

Hmm... will have a look...! :)

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Hi there!

So I almost reached Level 25, I think I killed everyone important and did uncover all the important regions... yet it feels like, I'm missing something... there are still some uncovered but probably unreachable places in the capital, near the palace... are they still under construction? Is there a secret passage I should look out for? Some evil ritual I have to perform with dead cats on a forest altar? Will new entities be generated later, to keep a minimum  of people around? As a Vampire I am worried about my future, as I will eventually run out of bloody corpses.  It would be a sad ending for a Vampire Half-God, starving to death. I dream of a Bloodbank, somewhere underneath the capital, with unlimited supply...! When modding is available, I will definitely put that into the game. Plus a straw and a cocktail glass, for maximum joy. Cheers!

Actually it happened a lot less than before, I almost forgot about it...!

Ok, it took me a while, but at least I got one screenshot of the text outside the message box. 

Bugs in

8) Friendly Fire. I can deal damage to myself, if I am in range of the ability, or inside the radius, so can the enemies. Is that intended?

9) Immolate ability. The initial damage is always kind of low (Like 9). The "afterburn effects" however seem to be in relation with some other stats. (Intelligence? Willpower?). So with higher Stats, it is around 20-30. But the costs are the same. This is an exploit I used. To keep winning ;)

10) Crash when Wolf was engaging and I clicked on the Energy Missile abilty. All the other abilities seemed to work. BugSplat report "wolf was engaging" sent. 

Ah, interesting! Thanks!

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Hi there!

1) Rapid shot ability used with crossbow. Didn't reduce my equipped bolts, however it reduced my unequipped arrows.

2) Fought against a scribe. Don't know what happened, it just crashed. BugSplat report sent.

3) Again, one black tile near the royal park spotted. Same properties as before. No window nearby though.

4) Fought against a royal guard in the Library. Don't know what happened, it just crashed. BugSplat report sent.

5) Fought against the Emperor in the Palace. Game crashed, no BugSplat report was showing up.

6) Things like in 2), 4) and 5) happen. BugSplat report is not always showing up afterwards.

7) Phaseshift ability doesen't acknowledge my Nightvision ability as a vampire, so phaseshifting in the dark isn't possible, even when I have sight. Is that intended?

Yes, I've made the same observations. Reinstalling helped.

12) The black tile has these properties: I can stand on it, but i vanish underneath it. My "Action dot" however is visible. I can hover over it, but I can't get any description with Shift + LMB. Maybe notable: A window is one tile southeast from it.

Welcome :)

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11) Sometimes when dealing damage to some target out of range (and out of sight) which shouldn't work, but I mentioned it anyway. When it dies, the animation works correct, but there is no message shown, that it died. Or sometimes the messages are too late. Which is maybe because it is a "bug inside a bug".

11.2) The bug inside btw: (did I really forget to metion it?!) Storm ability has no range limitation, even if the frames turn red. The frames got cluttered sometimes and overlapped. It is a nice exploit, so please, don't change it too soon...!

12) Between the northern part of the circus and some building right from it, there is one discovered tile staying black. (Never happened to me before, as far as I remember.).

13) The Question mark and the exclamation mark on the map vanished when I got closer to the Embassy district. But when I moved the map, they reappeared again. (On the sidlines.) 

9) Performance wise I made one observation. In the capital, there was a small room, at the merchant place / East Gate, next to the Glorious voyage shop. There were like 12 entities crowded in some small space and they seemed to be in a loop or something, like they couldn't move out or around the corner. The performance was quite low then. After I cleared the room out, the performance seemed to be much better.

10) When trying to rest in someone's bed, it almost always works, also healing is no problem. Sometimes, very rarely, the message appears: "You are fatigued, you can't regain mre stamnia. Try finding a safe place to sleep."

I see ;) As for the performance it is first happening once in a while. (Probably more clearly, when moving into a new region, but I need to check that up.) Then it happens every move in some area. (Like the Capital for example.) Will have a closer look as well... 

Hi there, thanks for the game anyway...! It falls under my category: If I had the skills and the patience, I'd make it in a very similar way. (But I don't).

The stuttering happens while moving. In the first hours of exploring, it is not really visible and it happens very rarely. Then it becomes more obvious. And now in the capital it is quite obviously a performance problem.  

Oh yeah, the moustache :) The moustache I am wearing, is fooling some persons, some others not. Why? Is it a something about range? Has it something to do with people from some class I already killed? 

7) The game starts to stutter a bit, when you uncover more and more terrain.  Now the map is uncovered mostly, moving inside the fortress results in clearly visible stuttering. My Specs: i7-700k CPU @ 4.00GHz, 8GB RAM, Geforce GTX 980 with 4GB dedicated and 8GB in total.

That happened in previous versions too.

8) How exactly does the fake mustache work? Sometimes it seems to work, sometimes not. It's quite fun though...

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5) Furious Attacks Ability. Don't know, if this is working as planned. When I use it with my bow and arrows, the arrows never get reduced, I don't even need to equip them. The bow's durability gets reduced correctly though. I also don't need to equip a melee weapon for the Blade dance ability.

6) Arrow Rain Ability: Outside the Fortress, but in "Arena" region. Using Arrow Rain ability resulted in a crash. BugSplat report already sent, with description: "arrow rain ability."

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Hi there!

Bugs of 0.2.3 with Save File from 0.2.2

1) When healing first with Bandage and immediately afterwards with ability "Rapid regeneration". Only bandage Effect is shown in the upper left corner. Vice versa both are shown correctly. (Rapid Regeneration left and bandage right next to it.)

2) Bloodsucking: In the Mining outpost. Corpse next to an anvil. (Not sure, if this matters.) The green frame indicates, it will work, but it isn't, while standing next to it. Message says: "It's out of your range." Standing ON the corpse works though. So far I remember this happened on some other occasions, but quite rarely.

3) Sometimes I see / hear Footsteps very close, but nobody is there. The indicators for the steps vanish afterwards.(Nightvision on!)

4) Rapid Shot Ability: This was fun to discover. Instead of shooting my arrows from my equipped longbow, my character shoots himself inside the enemy and deals damage. Multiple times. Then I am invisible and have to take a step, to see myself  on the screen again. When I am targeting empty tiles. I deal damage to myself. Interestingly the Phaseshift Ability doesen't work anymore. I just get invisible and need to take a step to be visible again.

Good work! I hope I can make a screenshot. (Maybe with my smartphone, if not with my PC).

Ok, probably last bugs for this version.

1) Intimidate Ability is always successful, yet it seems the foes don't run, but  turn around and fight again. 

2) Poisoned Arrow ability. I can shoot arrows having them in my inventory, but not actually equipped. They get reduced correct, but once I had 0 Arrows and still could shoot once.

3) Encountered one crazy rabbit in this "Road  Checkpoint building". It moved around and wouldn't stop. I could kill it though.

4) Darkfoot Watch: Also experienced damage  by some apprentice on the upper floor, while being on the ground floor. There was no Staircase close by.

5) On the outside I can get back my shot arrows. Inside the building of Darkfoot Watch they seemed to vanish. I used Poisoned Arrow Ability for them.

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It was a new game. Version 0.2.2. The Farmer's name was "Clayton".  But I guess this is random...

Nice :)

It happened in Mansfield Granary, so far I remember. I usually go to the 2nd floor for refuge, but I'm not 100 % sure.

Farmer without "Status"-Spot in front. Sleeping. When I tried to attack, the message says: "Target is out of range for your weapons."

After reloading, the farmer is invisible, but his Status is still there, in the upper left. When I run away, after a while his status vanishes, then, when I return, the status returns as well.

Something like that happened in earlier versions in the Amazon Base (Upper Floor), so far I remember.

Alright ;)

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Something else I noticed, I don't know, if this is a bug. During a fight with a "Human traveller", the traveller was fleeing and I was following him -  into some small cave in the mountain, where he wanted to hide - very smart. Then we fight again, then he was fleeing again. That repeated up to the point, where he was fleeing and suddenly went asleep in the middle of the field. Sure he was tired, but became an easy prey, which feels odd after such a long run ;)

And again the "Chasm is blocking your way" bug. This time "Kal Laduhr". Happened, after Dwarfen Corpses were on the bridge. So the spots on the bridge occupied by the corpses were not accessible anymore.

As for the word wrapping. So far I noticed, the text mostly doesen't wrap, when it has these forms:

<Player> hits <Enemy> in <body part> with <weapon> and deals x [Physical] damage.

<Enemy>, <Profession> hits <Player>...etc..

[Parry x%] [Enemy].[Profession] hits [Player]...etc...

Ok, there is another strange bug, which makes the game crash. It happened now the 2nd time, after I barely escaped from this "e" grey watcher guy and made it (probably still poisoned) to the Thick Wilds. It exits, then BugSplat opens and after I send an error report, I can restart and continue. I can do things like open the map and do the inventory stuff, but when the next "turn" starts, it crashes. This happens also after reinstalling the game. So several error reports had been sent, but I can also send the zipped save file, if it is of any help.

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Hi there!

1. Yes, it happened on smaller resolutions (windowed) and Fullscreen with 1920 x 1080.

2. Ah ok, so radius I understand ;) 

3. I know. Strange, that it happened now. (Never happened to me before.)

4. Not any affect, so far I noticed. It works without the frame. It is just visually confusing. (Ok, I think I misunderstood. I often experienced it with Immolate - because I used it a lot. But it sometimes happened to others as well...)

5. New bug: (probably) Ability "Winds of decay" (what a fun name) is not adapting to the openings, it also goes through walls, trees, etc...

Hi there!

- Text sometimes runs outside the message-box. (No wordwrapping) Happened also in earlier versions on different resolutions.
- Descriptions about abilities is sometimes confusing. Example: "Healing wave": It says smth like: "3 Range around you." Under that it is written: "Range 0." (Noticed that on several texts)
- In Pryg (Goblin base): Chasm is blocking your way on a bridge. Interestingly only after a goblin corpse was put there.
- Sometimes when clicking on an ability button, the green frame of the "target-icon" vanishes. Then  by unclicking, the frame becomes yellow. Then by clicking it again, the frame vanishes again. 

Hi there! Is it only possible for you to read reviews? I just see the Stars, but I don't find the access to the texts. So I guessed, no one can read the others' reviews. But that's maybye just because I'm new...

As for the "Cripple":  The first time I use it, I get charged (Stamnia). Also the enemy can counterattack. Then the second time (there might be exceptions) it shows the red text, smth like: "XY already reached limit of movements."  No counterattack, no charge of stamnia, also no attack from other foes, they stand still, except  when it takes really long, then sometimes the foes can move or attack. (Very rarely) This repeats, til the enemy is dead. (As long I have a melee weapon). Also this text repeats.  Somehow it paralyzes everyone. .. Hope I could help you!

Well...I have to admit, I'm using exploits. Foes can't follow you to the next floor, so this is a save escape spot. Yet. The ability "Cripple" only charges you once, then you can beat the paralyzed enemy to death for free. Yet. As I said in my review, which obviously nobody can read, I want to keep winning, so I hope it won't change anytime soon ;)  Other than that, Vampire / Dark-Elf / Rasimi with Crusader Class and Immolate abiliy gave me the easiest start. Just set the enemy on fire and fall back several times (make sure, to have some room for that) and repeat, till you feel save enough to attack "normally". Ok, this is maybe now "offtopic", but these exploits can be bugs, so... have fun!

Hi there! When it freezes, it shows me the Window. "Soulash doesen't react anymore " With the options:  Quit Program and wait for Answer of the Program. Send notification to Microsoft. I didn't wait for the program to react, I was not patient enough ;) It happened more often in the north of Kabula near the forgotten temple, or on the way from the Inn to Kabula. The 13th Level Freeze can happen everywhere, so far I noticed.

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Hi there!

Soulash.exe doesen't react, when I am about to reach Level 13.  Sometimes this also happend, when I am about to enter a new region.