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That hook mechanic is really well done and nicely polished, but it feels I don't quite have the reaction time to play this game, since everything is moving a little too fast.

Thanks! If I make another like this, I will definitely take that into account. I didn't get the core loop down until very late in the jam, so unfortunately I ended up over-automating away what could have been fun gameplay. I appreciate the perspective!

Hey thanks! I think I got a bit carried away making the AI and I overcomplicated some systems to the point where I barely understand them (not to mention balancing) and I appreciate the thoughts. I have uploaded a videotutorial but it is 13 minutes long which perhaps says something similar to your comment.

This is pretty difficult, but very unique. The rope mechanic is pretty cool too, I think the ability to work with momentum is nice, but the controls feel a little sluggish.

Controls are tight and the puzzles are fun and smart. I think that a grid on the floor would improve the ability to see where obstructions are though, but that's my only comment!

Lovely little game. Tight controls, nice sound design and pretty art. Great work!

Lovely sound design and technically the execution is amazing for the jam. Great job! In terms of improvement, I'd like to see a bit more story, if only the ramblings of characters at the bottom, and I found the enemy pathfinding to be a bit odd so perhaps that could use some more work. 

Nice work! Compact and well executed, and it was interesting to adjust to holding down a key for caps. 

Apologies for that, some lines are highlighted with a colour for which I set the opacity to 100% rather than 30%, so the text is not legible. Thank you for playing :)

Thank you! I'm glad my video was that compelling :P

Thank you friend! I'm glad you found it calming :) I wanted this game to provide a brief, relaxing respite from the daily routine and comments like yours makes me think it worked! I really appreciate that :)

Thank you! There is in fact an end, though there are a few minor glitches before that. It took me about 10 minutes to complete the game, and yes, I can't type sacrifice either. I left in an alternate command (burn) that does the same thing, but I thought that made little sense in a rainstorm so I left it out of the documentation :))

Thank you! I'm not sure why you can't paste text, but I think that might be a browser limitation as I was able to do so while testing it :)

Thank you for that review - the sacrifice thing sure was a stretch but I really was at a loss with the game loop there :P And thank you for noticing that rain effect breaking - I swapped the axes for the rain's direction vector and that ended up making it go off screen :/

Thank you so much for your thoughts. I'm really glad you found this a calming experience, and it makes me really happy to know that someone found this game enjoyable and relaxing :)

Ps. The OutOfControl function just makes the tiles flash. I was going to have it randomly feed each of the tiles but I didn't have time sadly.

That's a unique concept I don't think I've seen before. I like the idea of crossing a dungeon crawler and idle game, but it's definitely difficult to balance the amount of interactivity to have. I think you could have added a little more control (eg. targets to walk towards, though in a randomly kinked line) Very cool art and dungeon generation!

Very interesting! The puzzle design is really cool and reminds me a lot of Thomas was Alone, though the aesthetic is excellent for a 48 hour jam :)

That's a pretty cool idea :) I enjoyed the puzzles and they seemed well designed! The laser mechanic was very cool and I wonder how you programmed it :P Only the level with a lot of mirrors, some offscreen, seemed a bit random and I wasn't sure how to solve that except by trial and error. Overall great submission!

Haha Weathering with You was totally the inspiration for this! I'm so happy you saw that :) Also thank you for your criticisms and ideas!!

That's really good advice, and that automatic showing of the next card I had initially but then disabled partially (in a way that's confusing sorry), and I know this isn't much of a game. I left in the negative credits thing on purpose but I think you're right about that being a mistake but honestly I was just a bit lazy to animate the button to show as disabled. Thank you for your feedback! :)

This is a really interesting concept and it makes me think of the main 'character' being like a barcode scanner. You could definitely make something super unique out of this.

Cool idea! That was well done and pretty fun, solid concept emphasizing simplicity and elegance in execution.

This is pretty fun , but a lil too hard