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it's one of the endings, there are 3 others

Thanks :)

Its a shader on an image and a script to move it

+1 for the chicken

Nice game, well polished
felt like i was playing through a debug level in unity

Very cute game,  hand drawn instructions is something i am going to copy for my next game :)
throwing the sword is very satisfying,

Click and drag is not working, not able to play

Smooth controls and killer music,
Pummeling down in the baby town!!!....... fitting name

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<Spoiler alert>
Superhero question is the first exit out of the game, there are many more endings to explore!!
Thanks for playing

Kickass intro!!!

Super polished and minimal

Great game, perfectly fits the theme

Clever puzzle design, the magnetic field effect around the blocks in nicely done

Nice puzzles


Unique idea, addictive for sure
some improvement in the UI and you got a killer game

Nice game, 
smooth controls and juicy UI

Awesome art, simple and great design
great to see fellow minesweeper fans

Great job, well executed design and spot on with the theme
took me a while but its fun once it clicks!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!
Schrodingers cat is my favorite entry so far, all the best to you guys

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Thanks for playing, Known issue 😋 (couldnt fix in time)

Thanks for playing 😀

Great game!! would love to play more levels

Fun game, took some time to understand what to do

In my top 10 games for this jam,
everything is well done and Its funny too,

Great job.

Thanks for playing,

Making chess variants definitely takes some thinking, for me this was a simplification over bennet foddys speed chess with 16 players,
i did not implement castling because it makes the game slower and en passent because it doesnt matter in real time,

Most game mechanics are borrowed or thought of before, doesnt make them any less special,

it definitely needs polish in terms of bugs and speed of actions


Incredible polish for a jam game, well done

Level editor in a 48 hr game jam is insane, kudos to devs

One of my favorite games in this jam, great job

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Yes, chess for people in  a hurry

Thanks, thats what i was going for

Very well made, good job

Very funny, had a good time playing this

Fits the theme perfectly, and the visuals are very nice, Great job

Cool concept, i made a chess variant too , try it out

Cool idea to use a chess board for different attacks, I made a chess variant too try it out

Fits the theme perfectly, good job 

Thanks for trying,
updated the information related to hosting

Thanks for kind words