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A relaxing puzzler about pairs of DNA proteins (for GGJ 22)
Submitted by Thomas Martin (@tjamesmartin), deadfish1225 (@jackyShutUp), ValeryCrow, Stevenkudos1 — 5 minutes, 19 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Innovation (Is the game new/interesting? Uses assets in an interesting way?)#14.1004.100
Completion (How complete is the final piece?)#33.9003.900
Gameplay (How fun is the game to play?)#53.2003.200
Well-rounded (How rounded is the game in terms of art, sound, visuals etc)#64.2004.200
Adherence to the theme (Does it incorporate the theme in a genuine way?)#113.4003.400

Ranked from 10 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team Details
Tom Martin / Jacky Cheong / Valeria Voronkova / Shiqian Zhang / Tom Bradshaw

How To Play
Your aim is to collect as many points as possible by matching the correct colour proteins in the DNA sequence. Each cell contains a number of blobs, indicating the colours of the protein in adjacent cells it (a bit like Minesweeper!).

Match the correct coloured proteins to boost your score. Mismatched proteins will lower or have a negative effect on your score!

Install Intructions
Play in browser!

GDL Diversifiers

Portfolio Power

Your game is built to power up to portfolios of everyone involved

Tranzfuser Tomorrow (supported by Tranzfuser)

Your team fit the Tranzfuser team criteria

Purpose of Play

Your game is built just to be fun!

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Awesome art, simple and great design
great to see fellow minesweeper fans


Awesome mood, audio and graphics. The game itself is really enjoyable once I get the mechanics right.  As some already mentionned here, an in game tutorial would be neat!

Great job, bravo to everyone involved!


Thank you! We'll be posting a new build with bugfixes and a tutorial tonight!


I'll gladly try it!


Great game, once I figured out the mechanics enjoyable gameplay. Really liked the art style and the audio, great job!


Very original idea ! I like it, it would just need some kind of ingame tutorial to help the player understand the mechanics, it can be a bit confusing currently. But once the mechanics are understood, it's pretty fun to play !

After a while, I noticed that sometimes, some proteins were not shown in adjacent cells, it is quite rare but happened a few times, I suppose it's a bug. I think it has something to do with the moment when new cards appear.


Thanks for playing, really glad you liked it! Tutorial is definitely #1 on the list of improvements, and yeah the adjacent card check is obviously getting out of sync the further the game goes on, thanks for flagging.


A very unique concept! I stuggled a little at the beginning but I got the idea of how it works so no biggy! I enjoyed this game a lot! Great work


Thanks, and thanks for playing! Yeah, we badly need a tutorial in there - hopefully we can get a new build out over the weekend 🤞🤞


Great concept, relaxing music, and beautiful visuals!

I confess I can't quite understand how I'm supposed to estimate which cell reduces to which colour. I can see a cell borrows proteins from neighbouring cells, but sometimes an unexpected colour appears because I don't know exactly how to calculate the outcome.

Having said that, I'm sure the system is robust and it's my fault for not understanding! So a wonderful entry. Be proud :)


Thanks so much! We ran out of time to do the tutorial so it's no surprise it's a bit confusing!

The cell's 'face down' state is like a Minesweeper cell - they are filled with the colours of the *adjacent* proteins, not their own. So an unclicked cell with two red blobs and one yellow blob has three adjacent cells, two with red proteins and one with a yellow.

They also don't contain directional info (which adjacent cell has which protein) - the game will make you take a 50/50 guess sometimes!


makes sense! thank you for explaining :)


Nice one well done. It's fun and has an interesting and complete style. It's pretty and relaxing.


Thank you very much!