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Welcome to the Game Dev London x Into Game - Global Game Jam 2022!

Game Dev London is hosting its second Global Game Jam (having been the biggest site in the UK and the 11th biggest site in the world last year!), hosted inside our Discord community and open for anyone to submit! We're excited this year to be joined by Into Games, who will help us bring GGJ to more people all over the UK and beyond. 

Join us in the Game Dev London Discord here! 

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We welcome all developers and game makers to join us for 48 hours of creativity as we take a break from our day to day work and make some wonderful games and play things for everyone to experience!

We'll be running from Friday Jan 28th @ 5:00 PM to Sunday Jan 30th @ 5:00 PM GMT

Our site is open to anyone from anywhere! We'll all be talking in our Discord community, so if you are interested please do feel free to join us whether you are from London, the UK, Europe, or beyond! 

We're also partnering with London Metropolitan University Accelerator to offer jammers a Friday night physical location! They are offering space for jammers to meet on the Friday and hear from expert speaker, so if you're interested get in touch with: 

Fiona French -

We're also excited to announce we will be joined this year by a great set of speakers to talk about various areas of the game industry! This will be announced closer to the date


See you soon!


- Game Dev London and Into Games

You can sign up to our GGJ site by visiting:


All submissions will be judged on the following: 

  • Gameplay (how fun is the game to play) 
  • Innovation (is the game new/interesting and has it been built using new assets and/or creative use of pre-built assets)? 
  • Adherence to the theme (does it incorporate the theme in a genuine way) 
  • Completion (how complete is the demo?) 
  • Well-rounded (Is the game well rounded in terms of art, programming, sound, visuals etc)

All submissions must be playable as a web build or on Windows. You can target other platforms as well, but your submission must be playable as a web build or on Windows to allow the judges to play it on a special episode!

Submissions can use code, art, sound, and assets used in previous games, as long as:

  • They are used to create a new game
  • You have a license to use them in your game
  • Your final game is not an "asset flip" (an existing game or project presented as something you have newly developed)

You can also take advantage of our diversifiers to let us know more about what you are doing!

  • Commercial Chops - Your game is made available to purchase before the end of the jam
  • Portfolio Power - Your game is built to power up to portfolios of everyone involved
  • Tranzfuser Tomorrow (supported by Tranzfuser) - Your team fits the Tranzfuser team criteria (the expected criteria is that all team members must have a UK address and must graduate between the dates of June 2020 to September 2022)
  • Purpose of Play - Your game is built just to be fun!
  • Anything and Everything (supported by Anything World) - Make use of the Anything World SDK in your game. Winners of this diversifier will win Anything World merchandise (for up to 6 team mates) 

By submitting your game, you grant Game Dev London and its associates the right to showcase the delivered demo via any media. This allows us to show your game in the live stream and on our site should you win. Any game submitted to the "Game Dev London x Into Games - GGJ22 - Community Showcase" may show up in a video or stream without your express permission.

Anything you make during the jam is your property. Game Dev London claims no rights or ownership of your game.

We'll keep this page updated with a list of frequently asked questions, so stay tuned for updates and start getting your team together!

Friday, January 28, 2022 - 5:00pm to Sunday, January 30, 2022 - 5:00pm


All submissions
Browser playable (13)
Windows (19)
macOS (4)
Linux (2)
Commercial Chops (3)
Tranzfuser Tomorrow (supported by Tranzfuser) (1)
Purpose of Play (21)
Portfolio Power (17)
Anything and Everything (supported by Anything World) (3)

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Nothing matters more than The Light
Visual Novel
Help Shrodinger's cat out of the box!
Play in browser
1v1 competitive action game built within 48 hours!
Play in browser
Two cities on the same planet, but dependant on each other.
Finish your apprenticeship with Grandma
Trading card game, battle your boss in the office!
Card Game
Play in browser
Find your way back to your tent, but beware the night!
Escape the forest. Hop between light and shadow while avoiding huge bugs
Wake up and pull yourself back together.
Inertia is a quick, local multiplayer, party game experience. Kill your buddies!
As a Contractor your job is to resurrect heroes of old. The only problem is you aren't very good at it.
In Lunarix you have to build a lunar colony and try to fight off the enemy ships.
A puzzle game where your first phase choices make the way for the second phase!
What choices are you going to make today?
Play in browser
Aspect is a 2.5D puzzle platformer about a girl who has lost her way.
Play in browser
Seal your fate together!
Play in browser
Play in browser
A relaxing puzzler about pairs of DNA proteins (for GGJ 22)
Play in browser
Tile puzzle game
Play in browser
Can you unlock the mysteries of the Duality Asylim?
Play in browser
Be slow and safe, or fast and reckless?
Play in browser
Duality word game
Play in browser
Play in browser
PvPvE Shooter
So you think you're the best racer in the world? Then measure your talent with your friends via online PvP!