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Thank you! We'll be posting a new build with bugfixes and a tutorial tonight!

I found this really tricky! Is there supposed to be a difference in clicking on the left or right sides, or does one click anywhere perform different functions on both? I'm probably just quite bad at these sorts of puzzles, but great job on a proper headscratcher!

Neat concept and some fun level design, really easy to keep playing! Love the character art too.

Found a tiiiiny bug where I could extend the cat's jump horizontally by jumping against a wall and holding shift, then moving away still holding shift - could get about halfway across a level ignoring gravity that way. Quite tricky to replicate as I think it's maybe collision-based?

Thanks for playing, really glad you liked it! Tutorial is definitely #1 on the list of improvements, and yeah the adjacent card check is obviously getting out of sync the further the game goes on, thanks for flagging.

Thanks, and thanks for playing! Yeah, we badly need a tutorial in there - hopefully we can get a new build out over the weekend 🤞🤞

This is a neat design, really stretches the memory! I liked the simplified aesthetic too. It is quite hard to read the words on a smaller screen though, maybe something to look at if you continue working on it (which I think you definitely should!).

Thanks so much! We ran out of time to do the tutorial so it's no surprise it's a bit confusing!

The cell's 'face down' state is like a Minesweeper cell - they are filled with the colours of the *adjacent* proteins, not their own. So an unclicked cell with two red blobs and one yellow blob has three adjacent cells, two with red proteins and one with a yellow.

They also don't contain directional info (which adjacent cell has which protein) - the game will make you take a 50/50 guess sometimes!


Thanks so much! If you want to use it in something of your own, please feel free! I'd love to see how people make use of it.

Thanks! 👍

What's the font you've used? It's lush!

A really smart tool that favours a few clear, flexible options over infinite tables. The '5-Minute Traits' section in particular jump-starts GM character introductions, and even helps decide how to do the voices! Layout is lovely too. *chef's kiss*

Thanks so much! And thanks for the bugspot, really helpful!

Sweet, thank you!

Any chance of a Mac build?

Really liked this - genre-savvy, characterful and compelling writing, and a well-worked concept. The form is really strong, and I could definitely see this expanding into a longer/deeper piece.

Terrific work. Loved the radio show in the background, very Sunday afternoon 6Music - could definitely see this expanding and deepening, it's a really neat piece and world.

It broke for me - I got to day 5 (whichever the emergency one is), only choosing baba yaga, and my phone no longer unlocks? Playing the web version.

Really fun UI and design, well done. 

Great art and atmosphere. Think I managed to break it (on Mac)? After speaking to everyone the backgrounds started dropping out and then it skipped straight to what I assume was the end screen?

Really enjoyed this - well-scoped and well-written. Charming design too. Well done!

Brilliant, thanks - could you give me a DM on discord? @quarlous

The story should complete each time (unless everyone dies), but if you found a break point let me know!

Well done!

Great character design, love their little hats and different armour sets.

Well done!

Well done!

Are you supposed to die every time you kill a bat? Seems very punishing!

Well done! Is it possible to beat the witch? Maybe you could cycle back through all the characters you defeated to give you a chance?

Animation and sound are really strong.

Well done! As the 'reporter' the game is very easy!

Particularly enjoyed the music.

Well done!

Bug(?): the unity player didn't resize to fit my screen, so it took me a while to find the clues at the bottom.