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Fun game! It uses water in all three states; liquid, solid, and gas!

I enjoyed it once I understood:

  1. Aim using your mouse in the bottom left corner
  2. The water tank and ray gun have cooldowns

The game is actually really cool - shooting water, freezing it, and evaporating it to fly - some really nice ideas!

Aside from the two points above, I would make the hover activate on a second press, rather than holding jump. It would feel a lot more responsive.

Great music, too!

Well done!

Awesome! I would love to play it when it's finished :D

nice platformer! coyote time would have been kind! great variety of areas and music

solid game! nice questline, great music and voices - just really polished all around :)

I do indeed offer commissions!
Having said that, I recommend using music packs where suitable, and only commission a composer when you need something specific that you can't find in a pack.
If you find yourself in need of a bespoke piece, I'd be delighted to work with you to create something you love! Yeehaw!

Thank you so much for purchasing! I'm following you on twitter now, so I can't wait to see where this game goes :D
Best of luck with the rest of development!

An awesome game by GuilloTeam, as usual!

Nice gameplay loop, the combat is satisfying when you get used to it!
Upgrades implementation is superb - weighing up the choice between your remaining time and an upgrade makes for a good time!
Art and music are also great, as I have come to expect from you guys!

Unfortunately I encountered a bug - the Archbishop disappeared underground and never returned!

Congrats on making a great entry for Ludum Dare - i'm sure you'll do really well :)

Hi! This looks like a great shmup! The last one I got deep into was Ikaruga - a loooong time ago!

I love the art and the witch theming, and I appreciate how it's tied together with a romance plot. Can't wait to give this a try!

Thank you for letting me know, and for the best wishes! Good luck with this and all your future projects :)

I love this!
Great use of mini games and gameplay switch-ups to keep things feeling fresh. 
Lovely artwork, writing, and music. A lot of heart in these characters; super wholesome and moving!
A delightful game :D

Great sound and music, Kasia and Cai!

Nice idea of using the the gate to teach the player how to play.

The graphics are nice, too! The lighting is subtle blur effects are quality :D 

The idea in general is cool, I can imagine different enemy types and different movement abilities adding some layers of depth to the gameplay. Awesome work for a weekend, you should all be proud :)

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Wooo top score! (for now!)

Loads of cool enemy types, great scaling of difficulty. I love how you can choose score multiplier dice faces, but this means you sacrifice combat power - so it's a choice for the player. Great design!
Lovely music and sounds, UI feels really responsive, great art, and I didn't encounter any bugs. 

Bon jeu!


And I'd love to play it when it's finished!

AWESOME work! Especially the shredding in Battle by the Oasis!

Thank you so much for playing! Great video :)

You're very welcome!

Scary sounds! Nice puzzles!

awesome job! A great idea, intense gameplay, smooth animations, beautiful UI and models, and the music and sounds are really appropriate!

As others have said, I would have loved instructions and animations - but it's a cool concept and well made!

Awesome art and lovely sound!
If only I had friends! But I can imagine there being some exciting matches and advanced strategies. Really great submission!

Awesome art (both 3d and 2d) and tight gameplay! Well done :D

Nice job! I like the enemy variety and having to decide between throwing shield to remove the enemy but no longer being proteck from the other enemies 

Love the idea of growing your base from incoming ships, and it gets intense when having to make quick decisions based on your scanning results! The ability to grow the range of your scanner and weapons gives it a good feeling of progression.
The music is well done, too!

A great submission of a technically ambitious project - I hope you're all very proud :)

Thank you! We did our best! :D

ah great job! Yes game jams are hard on time! :D

makes sense! thank you for explaining :)

oh no... you went there


Breathtaking game!
Art - gorgeous
Game feel - tight
Concept - nailed it
Music - perfect (I see you, with the seamless crossfade!!)

Well done, you should all be really proud :D

Great concept, relaxing music, and beautiful visuals!

I confess I can't quite understand how I'm supposed to estimate which cell reduces to which colour. I can see a cell borrows proteins from neighbouring cells, but sometimes an unexpected colour appears because I don't know exactly how to calculate the outcome.

Having said that, I'm sure the system is robust and it's my fault for not understanding! So a wonderful entry. Be proud :)

Cool game! Really well executed, I didn't find any bugs or anything. Nice music, too ^^

I think at the harder difficulties it might be a bit too much to focus on; remembering words and working out the antonyms at such speed, whilst frequently shifting focus from one board to the other.

It would be awesome if the blocks didn't disappear until landing! this would mean you could set up chains, where finding a match would make blocks above fall down, to find another match.

A great entry, though. Well done!

Amazing of you trying to tackle multiplayer in a game jam!
Looks, sounds, and plays really well - but I don't have anybody with which to play it properly !

Very nice approach to duality! I didn't realise the Aspect wasn't just a reflection at first!
And the music is incredible; please tell me who composed it!

thank you!

Just amazed that you got so much done in such a short time; the maps, character creation, and an impressive movement system! Really well done!

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Thank you very much! Your game is better ;D

(Not to undermine Rob's great work, I am really proud of SGT!)

Thank you, sir! Good luck to you as well ^^

Superb game, Daniel! Nice puzzles, lovely interface, and great work on the sound.

As an aspiring game dev myself, how did you get such an array of music for the game? From fairly big names, no less! I assume you licenced the tracks; where should I go to do the same?

Can't wait to see what you make next! 


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I was just the designer / composer so I'm not entirely sure which assets were made. I know the character models were definitely from a pack. We are working to add gameplay!
Thanks for playing !

Very nice job!! A pretty unique concept, you should be proud! :D

Great choice of music! And awesome concept that you're a pig.
I suggest trying a small change:
Make it so you can only survibe take 1 hit from a wolf - or perhaps even 0 hits. And then if you reduced the available playing space as others have suggested, it would make for some very tense situations, and players will feel some adrenalin!

I loved it from the first picture of an open grill!
Nice concept, and some good writing too!
Especially the kid! I had him flush everything.

The only suggestion I can give is it would have been even funnier if the inaudible one was clearly screaming and distressed on the other line, whilst I calmly ordered them a pizza!

Well done :D