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a text based adventure with branching story
Submitted by Siddharth (@sid_says_hmm), GodOfNoobs, WickedCube (@wickedcube) — 1 hour, 52 minutes before the deadline
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Makes Total Sense
It does sound like me

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really liked the vibe, one of the most unique games I've played in this jam!


loved the overall vibe! I am a bit confused though. i always end up with the batman & superman question and then i get a pass. is that the end of the game?


it's one of the endings, there are 3 others


I loved the overall atmosphere of the game. Gives of really grim and urgent feeling. I was able to get two endings. A prompt on how many endings you have unlocked and how many there are would have been helpful!

Also I was surprised to see Dr.Niel Watts and River in the game :3


aye! my man


Hey,  Loved it man, played 3 three times First two endings were same but the last was different, hope there is more in it


There are a total of 4 endings. Player more to find out :)


Really pretty game! Loved the art and music, and ended up playing it longer than I had expected but gave up in the end haha (but I will get back to it.) 
You guys should keep working on it!


Thanks :)


How did you do the jittery crossing lines filter to give it the retro look? Is it a shader?


Its a shader on an image and a script to move it


Stunning UI and beautiful music. The game seems promising but no matter what I type at the Superhero question, I seem to always get a PASS and end the game.

Would like to see more of this game!

Developer (1 edit)

<Spoiler alert>
Superhero question is the first exit out of the game, there are many more endings to explore!!
Thanks for playing


I see! I went back and tried, and got a bit further along! Thanks :)