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BYOG 2022 starts on 26 Aug, 2022. Please feel free to sign up while we get the jam in order!

Are you ready for that time of the year again? India's oldest and longest-running game jam is back with a bang, with shiny new clothes, just like the IGDC (India Game Developers Conference) 2022.

Get ready for a caffeine-filled weekend to create a game of your dreams, solo or with a team, starting Aug 26, 2022!

What is a BYOG?

BYOG (Build Your Own Game) is an annual game jam where game developers from all over the country come together to make a game within a limited amount of time, based on a set of themes. Starting in 2010, BYOG is the oldest game jam organized every year in India and has a rich history of recognizing and encouraging game development talent from the country. Past winners have gone on to win multiple international awards, launch successful game development companies, and make great games and careers.

When & Where

Anyone can participate online in the comfort of their home, but we encourage local meetups and hangout spots in each city and help you run the same!

  • 26th - 28th August: Game Jam
  • September: Jury Evaluation
  • November: Results announced at IGDC

Why Participate?

There are many reasons why you should participate in the BYOG:

  • Create a playable prototype (proof of concept) for one of your concepts in a focused, time-limited sprint.
  • Get your ideas validated and evaluated by an incredibly experienced jury.
  • Get honest, constructive feedback on your ideas.
  • Showcase your skills to the world and add another awesome game to your portfolio.
  • Team up with your friends and foes to celebrate an exciting gamedev weekend.

Format this year?

We are returning to our roots with the tried and tested 48-hour competition format. The jam will start at 8 PM on the 26th of August 2022 and end on the 28th of August 2022 at 8 PM. You will have 48 hours to create an amazing game!


The Theme

  • Makes Total Sense
  • It's not supposed to do that
  • It does sound like me

Like last year, this year we have 3 themes! You can interpret them in any way you want. You need to use at least one of them, but you can combine any of them together as well.


Judging Criteria

This year, (once) we've managed to get some of the industry experts to be the Jury and they are going to play all the games and judge them on the following criteria:

  • Overall Experience - How was the overall experience of the game?
  • Relevance to Theme - How relevant was the theme of the game?
  • Gameplay - How engaging/fun was the gameplay? Was it interesting, meaningful, etc? 
  • Innovation - Did the game do something new that you may not have seen before?
  • Aesthetics - How aesthetically pleasing was the experience - narrative, visual, audio etc?

Team Up!

Join the Discord to hang out with fellow jammers and find your teammates.

Our sponsors and supporters

This jam would not be possible without the support of the IndiaGDC conference. If you haven't registered for India's biggest game developer-focused conference, please do so!



# Do we have to register as a team or as an individual for BYOG? 
You need to have a valid ID and should have signed up for the jam before the submission is due. Only one individual in the team needs to join the jam on Itch. However, it will be useful to have other members registered on Itch, as you can add them to your submitted game as contributors. 

# Do I need to be on Discord? 
All communication during the jam will be via the Discord channel #byog on So yes, you need to be there. 

# What is the maximum number of members I can have in my team? 
You can participate solo or in a team, maximum of 5 members in it. 

# Can I submit multiple entries to the jam? 
Yes, you can submit as many entries to the jam as you want. 

# What platforms are allowed for the submission? 
We prefer Web, Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux, as these will be readily available to the Jury. But if you want to build for any other platform, drop us a message on Discord, and we will see if we can arrange the same for the Jury. No promises though! 

# Can I use assets or code from the asset store or use assets/code I've created before?
Yes, you can use open source art or previously created assets (art, music, code, etc.) for this jam or assets from asset stores. You can use anything you legally have the right to use to make a game for this jam. 

# How will you let us know if we have won?
You are required to share your Discord username along with your submission. We will reach out to you via #byog on

# What is the last date for joining BYOG?
We recommend joining the jam before it starts. But you can join the jam anytime before it ends on August 28th, 2022, at 8:00 PM. 

# Will we have public voting this year?
There will be public voting this year. The Jury will play and evaluate the games to decide the primary winners (prizes 1,2,3 and 2 honorable mentions). Participants in the jam will be able to vote for games that will decide the game in the "People's Choice" category.

# How do I ensure my submitted game doesn't get disqualified for any reason?
It is your responsibility as a participant to ensure the submitted game is in a playable state and that the game page on Itch has all the required information for the Jury to play and test the game. We will automatically disqualify a game without any prior intimation if: 

  1. The submission doesn't have a playable build attached to it.
  2. The attached build contains malware, spyware, crypto miner, or other malicious programs that harm a computer or a device.
  3. The submission contains pornographic, tasteless, discriminatory,  disrespectful, or hate speech content, either as text or media.
  4. The submission is duplicate or a copy of another submission.  

# Can I make non-digital games for the BYOG?

The short answer is yes, but with some constraints. The BYOG will only accept print-and-play downloadable games as submissions. The reason for this restriction is primarily because our jury is located across the world and it is not possible for us (and unfair for us to ask you) to ship the games to them in the short judging duration. Going forward, we will be exploring more options on how to be more inclusive. We hope you get to jam with us and do fun stuff.

# Can I see games made in the past BYOGs?

# I have more questions, how can I reach out to the organizers?
Join the official Discord and reach out to the organizers and mods in the #byog channel. We'll do our best to address your queries.

Legal Bit

  • Anything you make during the BYOG is your property. BYOG claims no rights or ownership of your game.
  • Any game submitted to BYOG may be used for promotional purposes by IndiaGDC, BYOG, and without your express permission.
  • Ideally, it would be best if you created a significant portion of the game during the jam, but you can use whatever art, audio, or code assets you have the legal right to use.
  • You need to be an Indian citizen to participate in the jam. We are working on complying with other nearby countries and will update this bit once we have more info.
  • No explicitly pornographic, tasteless, discriminatory, or disrespectful content or hate speech is allowed.
  • The jam organizers have the final say in any and all proceedings related to the BYOG.
  • The rules of this game jam may be changed without any explicit notification to the participants.


This jam is run and organized by Chirag ChopraVivek Jha, and Yadu Rajiv as part of India GDC 2022