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Yea, it's pretty odd, I agree. Thank you for your feedback!

Thank you!

Glad to see  such a detailed reply! Let me explain some of your points. 

1. Sword animations, dumb AI and font. We just had no time to finish it. Creating levels took more than we expected. Each level took 3 hours to build and about a hour to playtest and fix (we actually had 10 levels planned) 

2. I totally agree that changing mechanics didn't work the way we expected. For example, at level 2 we wanted player to walk up to first goblin, click LMB to attack and get hit by him, so player would understand that enemies attack by left mouse button. But it didn't work at all. 

Next time we want to do more prototyping before implementing the rest of the game to get rid of such problems. 
Thank you for playing the game!

Well, I've been walking for few minutes and the game just froze at "Just give up?. The game is a liar indeed.

Art style is beautiful. Controls were too difficult sometimes, but I still enjoyed most parts of the game! Good job.

And yes, I agree that it's so difficult to perfectly balance game to be challenging, but still fun. I had to playtest my game with some random people and it helped to tweak it :p

At first attempt I was stuck at spikes part. But when I tried for the second time, I got to enemies part, but the game just got stuck at loading. 

I really liked your attention to details (loading screens, gate animations, character entering/exiting gate animations).

Character design and intro look very good! The game is very challenging for me because of it's speed, but I still enjoyed it. Good job! 

I got stuck at level 13 too.. But I found this game really relaxing! Sound effects are funny. Did you record it by yourself?

10/10 leaned unity by playing this game

Perfectly fits the theme. Level of nothing is too realistic, I got scared. Great job!

Art style looks really unusual, but beautiful. Thank you for improving my reading skills =D

This game looks really well-made for a solo developer. That ducking animation looks really funny :p

Graphics reminded me Downwell. Simple but still good loking. Good job!

Thank you now im ready for my date with divorced violent mom!

I really enjoyed the game! Running into enemies is the best part for me ;p