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Oof. Interesting idea, just no suitable for me. I think it is really hard for poeple who don't have the whole keyboard in mind.
Artstyle is very polished :)

This is a really fun idea. And nice simple artstyle. Still it's a littly click-intensive :D

I'm really not sure about this...I love the idea, the artstyle and the humor :D
On the other hand I don't know if I would call it a "game", because it could also be a little video where the butler goes to the interactive elements on his own...

Well, under normal circumstances maybe I would agree with you, although I wouldn't formulate it as a hard fact :D
However the theme of this gamejam was "Out of control" and the game discription itself states that "Reaction checks and mindgames are the core components in this concept"  - so it is indeed not a typical platformer.

Nontheless sorry you couldn't enjoy it.

Fits the theme very well and fun to play! :)

I like the concept an the artstyle :)
As others said, the time beetwenn trucks was a bit long; maybe the new ones could already come when a place gets free even if not all previous trucks have been loaded.
I think it would make a fun mobile game (actually the window size kinda makes it fell like this was the intend?)

I really like the concept of this game; to make it a bit more random the could be an "at least 1 in every action" rule :D  Because if I put all 6 points in Attack I do have total control - he will attack 100%.
And it would be cool if you wouldn't have to pause the game every time to make adjustments.

But it is definitely one of the more original interpretations of the theme! :)

Fun idea. It's really interesting how many poeple made games with cats in them :D
As a cat owner I can totally confirm they fit :D
I like the simple artstyle and that big furniture need more repairing than small. However it's a little bit clicky over time...

Nice game and fits the theme very well. I personally am not a big fan of the negative timer because having the timer suggest some kind of possiblility to plan ahead your jump. But if the jump does not always happen at 0, why have a timer in the first place?
Nontheless it's still enjoyable! :)

Nice submission and good execution of the "lose one control"-element. One thing is maybe the "go right not working" shouldn't come multiple times after each other, otherwse the player stands in one spot for quite a time.

yes it is!
only "random" for the player, but we actually thought a lot about where the speed and direction changes are placed; it's a part of the "mind-tricking" element of the game :)

Really nice idea! The only "problem" for me is that ou have o search for your way by pressing all keys to find the way an then start to actually play. I think to have the elements visible (at least the exit) would be cool.
And I would love a QWERTZ-Version :D

Thanks for your comment! And don't worry, we die to :D

Fun to play and a very original concept! (Broken) Thumbs up! :D

Thanks for your kind comment, we really appreciate it!

"It would make a great mobile game!"    :D  We actually thought the same after finishing it, especialy cause you only have one button to press. Maybe we will do that after the current project is finished :)

Cool concept and nice art. I think the "out of control"-element could be intensified if the gras would grow back.

:D :D :D
We thought about doing somethig like this, but my husband feared some poeple would find it "inaproppriate". As if!

This is really nice and so realistic, I want to throw masks on my screen :D
Great artwork as well!

Beautiful art and well executed. I agree with  WhiteNull on the merging of birds. On my Laptop it lagged a bit. But still very playable.

Really good job! Chaos in its finest form.

No, no, the missing sound is a feature! So you don't have to worry about a loud sound blasting out of you PC when you smash the game at work! *ahem ahem*  :D
No, of course you're right. If we make it into a proper game some day we will definitely add sound.

Thanks very much! We wanted to keep it simple and light :)

Nope, don't worry, no bugs found.
(exept from my clumsy hand appanrently :D )

Fun to play! A little more time per level would be nice.

This is a very cool idea with a funny artstyle. I would have liked a little hint on what the items are and do. But on the other hand, you get it when playing. Would love more levels! :)

Uff. Hard lacks so I couldn't play for real. But the concept and general implementation are really cool; I rated this rather than the gameplay ;)

Great artwork!
I sometimes get stuck on slopes, but all in all it's really funny :)

Must be one of our cats! Totally realistic! :D
Very cute artstyle and fun game!

I. love. This.

Fun idea, really like the priciple and the simple artstyle. Sometimes the timing is quite hard :D

It was the idea that and description that made me download and play it. I played it for 20 minutes and had  fun in this time. Its a great accomplishment to put it together in two days.  I didnt noticed major bugs and it is definitly one of the better games of the jam (played jam games since 9 o clock).

I think the game should be more about cats. After a while, the main task is washing clothes and the cats dont do much damage. Cats could do more things to increase chaos.

I love this game. To be honest, i would buy a game in this style. Light hearted fun and atmosphere.

Nice mechanic and execution. Could image it as a minigame in a AAA title.

I got three cats and can confirm this is totally realistic. Its just whats my life is right now.

Hey, your game looks interessting! Unfortunatly, i cannot play it. It looks like there is some kind of resolution issue in the main menue. 


To be fair: I got a uncommon resolution: 2560x1440

Dude! What the hell? Played it with my wife and we had to laugh all the time. Unfortunatly, no character spawned in stage 3

It took me a while to figure out how the game worked. After that, i had fun.

I really like the idea and execution. But a tutorial for dummies would be great!  Nice artwork btw!

The artwork is amazing. Unfortunatly, i found a bug. Coulndt kill any chickens in level 2. Flamethrowser is on and a chicken is placed on a field in front of me.


Really cool idea! As a fan of "baba is you", i like it. It feels like the grid movement could be better, but its a great execution for a game jam game.


i like the art style and the concept. Unfortunatly, i reached a situation where the game hasnt ended, but i have no avaible actions left.  A "defeated+restart" screen would be cool.