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the game turned out really cool

when i click the white screen it goes WooA

can you upload an HTML5 version of the game, to play?

i went in the house after killing 25 weeds and then i typed into the text field and it was my high score. cool!

i like how the little ships attack the base. im not sure if my mouse isnt working when i right click. i think it needs some groovy music and some fun sound effects to keep the player engaged 

awesome submission! the sound effects are awesome. so are the graphics. the heated fries in the background has a similar effect to what real french fires do to one's appetite. the game is playable, difficult and has a unique theme. well done

this is cool. my name is zack and there was a guy named that who talked kind of like me. i am feeling unmotivated to work on my person game right now and i like how the people in your game talk about game dev.

i cant read the text 

i got stuck in this hole


not very fun but super creative idea

im not sure how to play. i just lost

not sure what role was reversed, but i took a ride in bullet heaven!


how do i get out of the first room?

i like how it blends into the background of the itch page 

i loved the music. i played the game for quite a bit

i loved the music. i played the game for quite a bit

its crazy how the gun rotates but it adds an interesting element of gameplay. cool idea and the art is cool too

i love the artwork. imagine this as a skateboarding game...

i won


this game is an asshole

so that we can play it in the web browser

omg my eyes hurt after going this fast

i got 54 my first time. its kinda boring at first when you restart because its slow to get going. i like the music though. and the sound effects. its cool you made this using chat gtp.  any kind of generative level making is cool because its different every time you have inspired me to try to make something like this 

i keep hitting j and he flips but then i hit the grass and i restart and do again but why

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gmez is the extension plugin. awesome! it works great thank you

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how do we import the extension into our game?
There are two files, which one do we use?