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War Of Queens community · Created a new topic Feedback

First thing is that you got rid of the Unity player menu to change resolution and forced me into full screen. The main menu is not prepared for my resolution (4k). Once I get into the game it does go full screen, though I'd prefer to play windowed. 

The FPS eye level feels short, or all of the NPCs are too tall? Or maybe I'm supposed to be short?

I could also do without the motion blur.

There really needs to be a save feature, I didn't have time to play the whole thing, now I have to start over.

When you open the menu with ESC the mouse keeps looking.

I got the axe/staff. So far not really able to tell much about the story or what is going on other than my name is Alex.

Well, first bit of feedback, I think you should come up with some kind of lore/story and choose a different name for the game. Maybe that is already planned, but without it I don't think there'd be much excitement in playing. 

On the main menu, I think that you should change from a hover over the level selection to a click to select/highlight then have a Play/Launch button. Also default to the first (or last played) level already selected. I realize the main menu is super rough.

Now for the sad news, it is unplayable for me. I started on Ultra and went all the way down to Very Low. No matter what as soon as I spawned an enemy and the first ranger hit it, then it would become super laggy to the point it was unplayable.

My System specs: I5-7600K cpu, 32gb ram, Geforce 1060 6gb, Windows 10

OH WAIT further testing it seems that it runs OK at 1920x1080 resolution, even at Ultra. Where it fails then is 2560x1600. Both using Windowed instead of full screen.

Ok, so now that I played, some other notes:

  • enemy health bars seemed to float duplicated way out in the sky
  • I quit to main menu from Level 2 (after failing Level 1) and then started Level 1 but it didn't reset
  • I guess you need to build those tower things to generate spending points? I wasn't able to progress after the first buy (maybe it's my fail)
  • I don't think it's possible to win by starting out on Level 3 map. If it's meant to be a progression, then proabably should only allow Level 1 to start.
  • Why do the starting Rangers shoot magic? maybe they should be archers?
  • Seems like all these melee monsters should do something other than just go to another portal.
  • Ranger's description says they are a weak "unity" :)
  • The enemies regen almost fully before they get to the end, no fair! :(

I don't know if you are familiar with it, but a TD game that I found very enjoyable in the past is Kingdom Rush. and another really good one: Defenders Quest  If you haven't I recommend you check them out. 

So some things I would like to see:

  • some kind of story / campaign
  • the "towers" getting attacked by the monsters
  • melee combat 
  • more rpg elements, tower upgrades
  • more variations of maps (of course)
  • some music
  • some unique (ish) element

I hope that this feedback helps and doesn't discourage. Keep up the good work!

Awesome, had a quick go: 

How come just for Android? I'd buy it if it was for PC.

wow this is awesome!

nice work!

What constitutes coding for the game? Just gameplay scripting or are Unity (or other engine) code assets not allowed? If they are not allowed would that also include the standard assets?

very nice! I could not defeat the darkness! :( only problem with the spacebar is that it scrolls the page . really nice use of theme and story!

nice! great prototype! would be nice to know how many keys I have. those bats are strong! :) look fwd to the full masterpiece ;)

functional and follows the theme, good job!