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hmm maybe it wasn't expired, same thing happened with this one. clicking on it here on the post for some reason took me to Steam's external site warning page before redirecting to discord where it said that the invite was invalid. Instead I copied it out and pasted directly into discord, and that worked.

hi, the discord invite is expired

HammerHelm community » Bug reports · Created a new topic Two Issues

First I was doing one of the investigate house quests and I was inside a house with "press G to search" on the screen. I then pressed P to see the view to find out if I was in the right house. The press G to search then never went away.

Second is a typo or maybe a hidden feature? It seems I can create a Bear using wheat?

nice work!

What constitutes coding for the game? Just gameplay scripting or are Unity (or other engine) code assets not allowed? If they are not allowed would that also include the standard assets?

very nice! I could not defeat the darkness! :( only problem with the spacebar is that it scrolls the page . really nice use of theme and story!

nice! great prototype! would be nice to know how many keys I have. those bats are strong! :) look fwd to the full masterpiece ;)

functional and follows the theme, good job!