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Cool game, managed to make it to level 19 before I gave up. Would be cool to see it expanded with more concepts/game mechanics as the game progresses. Nice work!

awesome game, the presentation is incredible and it's super fun to escape from the hordes of enemies. well done !

Awesome game, the art and visual effects were beautiful, and the concept was pretty interesting. Puzzles were pretty easy, but I did like the puzzle at the end that required timing. Well done !

such an awesome game, the art and music are incredible, and it was very cool to recognize the characters in the background. I'd love to see this idea expanded on. awesome work !

Awesome game, the level of polish was incredible. The puzzles were pretty cool, though I don't know if I exploited the last one as I did not have to use one of the arrows.

the sprite editor was my favorite part, it's so cool to see the sprites instantly drawn into the scene as they're created. great work !

The amount of polish on this game is unreal, I love the art and music. I do feel like it takes a little while for the difficulty to ramp up, but it's a cute concept nonetheless

awesome idea, but I feel like the level design was a bit lacking, as each of the individual levels did not have a very clear concept. Also, while game does have a monochrome style, introducing colors to further differentiate the shapes may make it easier to quickly make decisions.

very creative concept !

the gameplay is a bit scuffed but the idea is definitely there, it'd be cool to see this expanded into something where the tasks can be done in any order, with the player trying to maximize efficiency in their path.

great work !

Great concept, each of the transformations were introduced very well. Would love to see this idea expanded upon

i have no idea how you were able to do this in 48 hours, everything feels extremely polished. Would love to see this fleshed out into a larger game

this game is incredible, i couldn't figure out how to win (making him happy still seemed to break his heart) but i enjoyed it nonetheless. 

why do work when URP can do the work for me

Thanks so much! The feeling lucky dice has 5 sides that are blank and 1 side that does huge damage, post-jam we hope to add a feature to hover over the dice to see what its sides are

thanks for playing :)

Cute game, I always like taking fast paced arcade games like snake and turning them into what feels like a puzzle. Cool concept !

Sick game. Took me a bit to quickly know what attack to use on which dice (would maybe be cool to have symbols on them or match them up with the colors of the sword/shield) but it was very satisfying to quickly move through the environment and take out the dice. The style was also awesome!

Cute game! Would've been nice to be able to move diagonally, but otherwise I loved the style and the gameplay!

Wonderful game! I'd love to see this get expanded into a full release with more idle options! The art is super clean and polished and it was cool to see the soil versions of each ingredient

Yeah, we found that bug shortly after we submitted unfortunately. I'll be fixed post-jam, but it is pretty funny to see the character shrunk 3 times

Also, the Gambler dice has 5 blank faces and 1 face that does over 20 damage. In the future we hope to let the player mouse over dice to preview each side. Thanks for playing!

Cool take on Tetris! The art and music accompanied the game quite well. I do wish that I could use WASD since the game used mouse controls, but otherwise it was fun and intuitive!

I enjoyed that much more than I expected to lol

I like how the difficulty ramps up. Got to 194 before I couldn't keep up anymore

Best game I've played so far this jam. The visuals are phenomenal and the song works super well. The gameplay is very difficult but fun enough to where I kept trying over and over. Sick game

Awesome bullet hell, had a lot of fun playing through this. The difficulty does take a bit to ramp up, but it was fun to play around with the different projectile types nonetheless!

Awesome game. The movement was pretty slippy, but what was lost in loose controls was made up for in a really cool concept. The art is also super clean and complimented the game well. Nice job!

Really cool game, I replayed it a bunch to try out the different modifiers. I do think the contrast between the two main shades of green in the game should've been a bit bigger, and the screen shake should've been a little bit less... shaky, but otherwise the game was super fun!

This game is what happens when my fever dreams have fever dreams

Amazing job. I liked maxing my reach and playing the game similarly to getting over it

Really cool game! I love the art, and it was cool to see what the different dice numbers do. I also enjoyed how you integrated the tutorial with the gameplay.

I did find a bug in which you can hug a wall while spamming space and get some pretty insane height, but it was fun to use the bug anyway to speedrun the levels :P

Very cool concept. In practice, it was pretty difficult to actually execute the glyphs, but it was very satisfying whenever I was able to successfully use one. The art was very cute, I love the style

This game looked very nice! The mechanics were pretty cool, though I felt like it was quite difficult. It would be cool to see a version in the future that shows a trajectory of the sling effect so the player can see where they would land

Very cute graphics, I liked the dice having only 3 colors instead of 6, I feel like the simplicity made this game a lot easier to pick up while remaining challenging. Well done! 

Cool game! I enjoyed the avoiding detection mechanic, and the rooms were designed well around it!

The art is absolutely adorable, and I really enjoy the different routes that the levels take depending on the color you were given. Awesome game!

Very cool game, cool to see Tron being turned into more of a strategy game

This is absolutely phenomenal. This game has changed my life forever.

Hi, seems like we uploaded the wrong version to the Jam, so 

1) the camera has the wrong resolution
2) most NPCs don't work when you talk to them